September 2019 Beauty Discovery

September 2019

5 Years. 5 Hero Products. 1 Discovery.

Laurel, Josh Rosebrook, Honua, Ayuna and LILFOX


September 2014, our first Discovery was shipped. 60 months and 60 Hero products later, we’re breaking the mold and delivering a curation of not one, but 5, Hero products. Our mini-retrospective is a celebration of our most time-honored Hero products. It’s a celebration of how far clean beauty has come in 5 short years. And it’s a celebration of you, our loyal and conscious customer, who has made it all possible. 

So on our 5 year anniversary, we’ve revived 5 Hero products that continue to hold a special place in our hearts and lives. Featuring 3 full-sized and 2 deluxe-sized Heroes, this Rediscovery is not only our best in class but our biggest ever. 

September’s Beauty Rediscovery is valued at $256.

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Sun Serum | Laurel Skin

10 ml

Defend skin against the elements while basking in the sun’s glory without a moment’s hesitation. Laurel’s Sun Serum combines the most current botanical research with centuries-old plant traditions, Laurel identified the most potent whole plant extracts that address prevention and repair, including scarlet pimpernel flower, organic licorice, carrot and red raspberry seed oils. Skin feels safer from effects of the sun, and a brighter, firmer and more supple appearance is revealed.







Cacao Antioxidant Mask | Josh Rosebrook

0.75 ml

If you still think chocolate is bad for the skin, think again. Rich, dark and loaded with nutrients, Cacao Antioxidant Mask is Josh Rosebrook’s original Hero product, a brightening, circulation-boosting, decadent whip that features almond oil, marula oil, rose petal and turmeric to deliver radiant results.







Aloha Youth Serum | Honua Skincare

30 ml

Aloha Youth Serum is loaded with the planet’s most potent healing botanicals, phytonutrients and minerals, but the secret ingredient is the Aloha spirit itself. With a proprietary process of sunbaking, CO2 infusions and vitalized water and oil emulsions of native botanicals, including coconut, kava kava and kukui, it is the blend of Hawaiian tradition and modern clean chemistry that gives this milky, glow-giving serum its Aloha vibes.











Natural Rejuvenating Treatment Cream II | Ayuna
15 ml

From their Scientific Garden comes an Ayuna classic: Natural Rejuvenating Treatment Cream II. Teeming with a new generation of botanical actives, including phytopeptides and restorative botanical cell factors, and preserved with natural vegan probiotics, this light cream nourishes, firms and restores your skin’s texture, balance and radiance. 








Kalahari Eye Serum | Lilfox

10 ml

While this EFA-rich eye treatment is named after the Kalahari desert, Kalahari Eye Serum douses the skin in moisture and nutrients that protect the delicate eye area from dryness. Its star ingredient, Kalahari oil, is cold-pressed from African watermelon seeds that are rich in Omega-6 and -9, and boosted with a host of skin-supporting seed oils of cucumber, passionfruit, prickly pear seed oil, watermelon, pomegranate, rosehip, meadowfoam, and argan to deliver an unprecedented level of phytonutrients in a single application. 



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Beauty Heroes Turns 5 This Month, Let’s Celebrate!

“People always ask me what I use on my skin. The answer is always the same, I use my Hero products, those that I have selected for the Beauty Heroes community. Each of these Hero products are worth being celebrated and re-introduced, for they genuinely represent what we’ve always meant to deliver, the best in healthy beauty, one Hero product at a time.” ~ Jeannie 

This month, in celebration of 5 years, rediscover 5 Hero products that hold a special place in our hearts and lives.  

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