Ingredient Intel: Turmeric is Beauty’s Best Bet

The secret is out. Turmeric is a holistic active that is as good taken in as it is when applied topically. Few single ingredients boast as many health benefits as this little golden nugget, making it a sure bet for health and beauty. Between beauty and nutrition, turmeric, Curcuma Longa, is probably the most common ingredient I come across when reading labels. These days, you don’t need to look far to find a turmeric latte, kombucha, tonic or tea. And the highly concentrated antioxidant is one of the most prevalent ingredients in beauty masks, oils and washes. Brands and formulators alike are adding turmeric into recipes every opportunity they get, and for good reason. Though conclusive studies are still preliminary, the research on turmeric to aid in the treatment of cancer, heart disease, ulcers and Alzheimer’s disease is promising. I’ve known for some time that turmeric was effective, but I didn’t fully realize its potential until I discovered it’s multi-functioning effect on my body and skin. read more

Blue Skies Ahead
With Chamazulene

Ever wished for the proverbial ‘blue pill’ to alleviate major skin concerns like redness, irritation, rashes or burns? We discovered something better, safer and more magical than any pharmaceutical. It’s found in nature, of course, and through a fascinating process that involves enzymes, inhibitors and catalysts, this botanical compound, called chamazulene, offers healing gifts to the skin. It’s been studied for the potent anti-inflammatory effects has when applied on the skin. A natural anti-histamine, the phrase ‘chamazulene effect’ was coined due to its calming properties. read more

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