I am particularly excited to announce Arjun to our community of Beauty Heroes Brand Ambassadors. I had been searching for a man who connected to healthy living like the rest of our conscious beauty circle of trust. So, when Elena shared his blog, JustAskArjun.com with me, I was very excited to find a man who just ‘gets it’. Reading his blog over the last couple of months, I have enjoyed hearing his process of evaluating products for ingredients, performance and packaging, while staying mindful of keeping a realistic skincare routine. He resonates deeply with brands who have a commitment to delivering a unique offering with careful ingredient sourcing.read more


As a child of Eastern European immigrants, I’ve always identified as more of a ‘global citizen’. Because of this, I have a heartfelt passion for educating and sharing healthy beauty with women (and men) around the world through Beauty Heroes. It is especially reassuring to hear how clean, green and healthy beauty is being received and embraced in other cultures. Which is why I regularly seek out worldly perspective and consult from the globe’s leading natural beauty experts.I’ve been following Russian natural beauty blogger Elena, known online as Consumerista, for some time now. Although her blog is written in Russian, we are able to talk through social media and celebrate our discoveries in healthy beauty. So it was a natural fit to invite her to be a part of our Brand Ambassador community.I recently spoke with Elena face to face via Skype to learn more about read more


Meet Sarah James; the woman behind the well-appointed healthy lifestyle blog Whoorl. Well written since 2005, Whoorl embodies one of our guiding values, ‘smart is beautiful.’ Sophisticated women follow Sarah’s journey through healthy beauty, art, fashion, and family life as well as her well known ‘Odds and Ends.’ I always learn something new when I speak with Sarah, as does her reader, and I’m thrilled to welcome her as the newest member of our Circle of Trust. I think you’ll agree, she’s definitely more than a woman in the know, she’s one who knows better and is happy to share. Generous, whimsical and elegant, learn more about our newest Beauty Heroes Brand Ambassador.read more


It’s easy being green if you’re one of Katie O’Sullivan’s readers. Her sassy yet completely authentic style will make you WANT to be rid of toxic beauty for good. Writing from her heart about only products she loves, she’s just as skilled at making you want to red your lips as she is as making you want to ditch that disposable coffee cup. A native New Yorker and self proclaimed green product junkie, Katie’s quest to find a healthy alternative to conventional deodorant led her to a life-changing article on the amount of lead in conventional lipstick. This launched her obsession with all things organic and non-toxic beauty. Once she knew better, there was no going back. So she sought to help educate others on her blog, The Green Product Junkie. Here she writes about the healthy beauty and lifestyle products she loves, in hopes to help people make the transition into a more toxic-free existence. read more


Amanda Reade is on a mission to uncover your most beautiful life. On her blog, A Beautiful Pursuit, she shows us how beautiful it can be to live clean. As a makeup artist, she brings an enormous amount of professional and personal experience to her work. And as a wife to four-time cancer survivor, she knows exactly how important it is to be vigilant about what you put in and on your body. Connecting all the dots carefully on A Beautiful Pursuit, Amanda makes it easy for us. I’m excited to share a glimpse into the life of the newest member of our Circle of Trust through our recent interview.read more


I love meeting healthy beauty enthusiasts from around the world as Beauty Heroes is proud to deliver to and serve an international clientele, and green beauty is received and embraced slightly differently in other countries. One of my most recent discoveries has been Ailish Lucas, the natural beauty behind The Glow Getter, a perfect name for such a bright light in healthy beauty. Ailish splits her time between the U.K. and New Zealand so she brings a lot of international perspective to our community of Brand Ambassadors. In addition, she is launching the first ever, online, green beauty and wellness event; The Glow Summit. The summit is a week-long virtual event of video interviews with healthy beauty and lifestyle experts, challenges and resources for you to download and help you get your glow on from the inside and out. The summit will harness the wisdom of women like nutritionist Madeline Shaw and Thoughtfully Magazine Editor in Chief Brandie Gilliam, as well as a few of the other leading women in green beauty like Sarita Coren, Beauty By Britanie and Sacred Beauty coach and makeup artist Rebecca Casciano. The event is FREE and open to all, so what are you waiting for, register here! But for now, I’d like to turn the spotlight back to The Glow Getter as I ask her about her background and beauty and what lights her up! read more

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