Discover de Mamiel with a DIY Beauty Ritual

Before we get into this month’s DIY Beauty Ritual, I want to give you a little bit of background on how this month’s Hero + Sidekick came to be. It all started with this month’s Hero product, Brightening Cleanse and Exfoliate. I rediscovered this product myself last summer and fell in love with this versatile, waterless powder that can be employed in several ways; as an elegant polishing facial cleanser and scrub, as a booster to your favorite oil, gel or cream cleanser, as a spot treatment for blemishes or dark spots or as an easy to apply face more

Q + A with Liz
Smells Like A Green Spirit

Beauty Heroes is proud to announce the newest member of our Brand Ambassador community, a Parisian born beauty based in Luxembourg. Liz, the woman behind the conscious living and beauty blog, Smells Like A Green Spirit, hopes to make switching to safe and sustainable beauty a little easier for her audience by educating them on ingredients and finding green gems that are conscisously made and deliver results. Sound familiar? We enjoyed learning through this interview that Liz was first inspired to write about beauty by one of our other Brand Ambassadors and how she found her tribe within the green beauty more

Q + A with Mercedes L’amour et la musique

Beauty inspires fun and creativity, and Mercedes, the woman behind the super-popular YouTube channel, l’amour et la musique is a prime example of this. This PhD and DJ spends her free time weaving her passion for beauty with music and candid, in-depth reviews. Earning the trust and loyalty of her audience by engaging with them faithfully, she seems to always have their best interest in mind. In this interview we learn more about Mercedes, a trusted and accessible voice in green beauty, her favorite superpower ingredient, mantra and how she launched her successful Vlog. read more

Q + A With Danielle
Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty

Danielle Torres, known on YouTube as Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty arrived on the scene like many, looking for answers, finding them, and then sharing them with others. She makes a contribution to this healthy beauty fan club through her honest and informative vlogs and reviews. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Danielle in person in at the Indie Beauty Expo in New York, a humble, kind and thoughtful advocate for cruelty-free vegan beauty products and their makers. Today we learn a little more about what motivates her to be a true Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty more

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