A new discovery in the realm of skincare, prawn sage (Salvia haenkei) may have a bright future in both beauty and medicine. Clinical research exploring the effect of certain botanical extracts eradicating cancer cells, revealed prawn sage extract’s ability to slow down cellular aging. Cellular senescence – also known as aging – means that skin cells loose their ability to divide and regenerate, an unwelcome state brought on by UV exposure and free radical damage. Prawn sage counteracts this process with an apparent ability to lengthen telomeres – the segments of DNA at the ends of our chromosomes, the shortening of which is equated with aging and some forms of more

Argan Kernel Oil

Argan oil is nutrient rich golden oil that is pressed out of the hard nut that is encased in protective fruit-like pulp. Argan Oil is not only rich in Omega fatty acids; it is particularly rich in the harder to come by Omegas 6 and 9. Paired with antioxidants and an ultra-rich concentration of Vitamin-E this combination of superpowers makes it a supreme treatment for scars or skin in need of repair. read more

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