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The best part of being the Founder of Beauty Heroes is the people I have met on this path, amazing visionaries, leaders, inspiring women and all around really smart people. The Beauty Heroes community is made up of those who know better, want better and do better. We, as a community seek to use less, and love more. Recently while corresponding with one of our customers about healthy beauty and lifestyle, I discovered that she started Le Vert Bride, that plans intentional and eco-friendly weddings, from the wedding dress to the honeymoon. Talk about using less and loving more. Naturally, I had to learn more. Meet Susannah Dellinger, is that customer and the Founder of Le Vert Bride. read more

Q + A With Sean
Patrick Harrington
Previse SkinCare

It’s always exciting to meet someone in the beauty and skincare space who takes an innovative approach to treating real-life skin concerns. So meeting Sean Patrick Harrington, the visionary behind Previse SkinCare, has been rewarding and enlightening. What I love about Sean’s approach in developing Previse – which by definition means to know or see in advance – is that he set out to do more than treat a current skin condition, but prevent skin damage and ultimately skin cancer. The beauty of Previse lies in its customized formulas that correspond to your specific skin type as rated on the Fitzpatrick UV index scale. If you want to up your skin type IQ you can complete this short questionnaire that evaluates your genetics, behavior, history, and geographic location and get recommendations appropriate for your type. I’ve enjoyed several conversations with Sean and recently learned of his commitment and work as an environmentalist, and philanthropist. Whether he’s hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for skin cancer prevention or working with Global Green to protect the environment, Sean stays busy making a difference on our planet. I’m pleased to share a glimpse into his little corner of Cape Cod from our most recent more

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