This will likely be my favorite post I write this year. This is what I love to do, above all else: envision how we embrace beauty and can together create a more beautiful life and planet. But before I share my vision for 2016, it seems fitting to recap a little on the past year.

I founded Beauty Heroes in late 2014 with a mission to bring healthy beauty to others, connect more to what we are using on our bodies, show how it affects our health and highlight those whose life work it is to create healthy and heroic beauty. When we launched there was some skepticism about delivering only one full-size Hero Product each month. We, as women, have been conditioned to consume beauty in large gulps instead of delicious bites. I even had one of my male friends tell me how sincerely he loves Beauty Heroes, and that he wanted More from us each month. While I have at times been encouraged to change course and give in to the hunger for More, I return again and again to the bigger vision of Beauty Heroes – Use Less. Love More. I believe that by adopting this one simple, intentional practice, we can make the world a better, more beautiful place.

While I continue to listen and learn how to best serve our community, I am more convinced than ever that what we offer – a slow, intentional way of discovering truly healthy beauty – is exactly what is needed today. Beauty Heroes continues to grow and evolve out of the learnings from our members, Brand Ambassadors, Spa Superheroes and the incredible group of Founders behind each of our clean beauty brands. It is this learning that inspires me to keep creating, keep envisioning “what’s next.” What I am most grateful for in 2015 was learning that there is a place for our service that delivers the very best in non-toxic beauty, one Hero Product at time. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

While we’ll never give you More than you need (thus creating unnecessary waste), we certainly do plan on doing More of the things that bring us joy and make us feel beautiful. Here is our vision board for 2016.

Beauty Heroes_Whole New LevelWe Take Beauty To A Whole New Level

While we love delivering healthy skincare from upcoming brands like True Nature Botanicals, Mahalo Skincare, Skin Owl and Beautycounter, and soon, makeup, to our members, my vision is for Beauty Heroes to incorporate nutrition, lifestyle, ritual and spiritual practice and integrate with clean beauty products to create a more beautiful life and planet. For example, we look forward to learning more about Nutritional Aesthetics from Eat Pretty author and Beauty Heroes Brand Ambassador Jolene Hart this year as she launches the Eat Pretty, Live Well Journal with Chronicle Books.

Close up of a female hands with bowl of aroma spa water on tableWe Take Time For Ritual

As we slow down and fully experience the beauty discovery process, my vision is that we will take more time for beauty rituals. A few minutes a day to complete the 4-2-4 Cleansing Ritual, an hour to bask in a Winter Radiance Ritual or a day to participate in a Sacred Salon Beauty event brings beauty to Life. We will continue to share our favorite beauty rituals with you and each of our monthly Beauty Heroes deliveries will include a beauty ritual you can perform with our Hero Product selection.

Beauty Heroes | Natural BeautyWe Discover Beauty’s Full Potential

Beauty products have the potential to be more than skin deep. For me personally, I believe that truly natural beauty products work holistically and can affect my mood, hormones and even promote better (beauty) sleep. And I’m not alone. A Beauty Heroes client wrote to me just this week about how receiving our healthy beauty discoveries has influenced her healing journey after a tragic accident. The example she shared was that she places 2 drops of Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Face Serum behind her neck accompanied with some deep breaths during each of her physical therapy sessions. My vision is that we accept that Beauty can offer healing and that we open ourselves up to experiencing beauty to make us feel as good as we look.

Healthy Beauty CommunityWe Are A Strong Healthy Beauty Community

The awareness of healthy ‘green’ beauty has been a grass roots movement. It is to a community of green beauty and healthy lifestyle bloggers that we owe much of the acceptance and enthusiasm for green beauty as well as the awareness of toxic beauty ingredients. We started our #Herogram campaign so that our members could have a way to participate in this movement, by inspiring others to choose healthy beauty by posting a #Herogram. My vision is that this growing and expanding community continues to get louder, stronger and more united in its support for clean beauty and intolerance for anything less than healthy.

Value NaturalsWe Value Nature

With the growth of the natural, organic and green beauty movement, there are also challenges. There isn’t an endless supply of botanical ingredients. And cutting corners to create a larger supply is definitely not the answer. My vision is that we value sustainably sourced and organic botanicals for what they are worth and that we continue to embrace the fact that we all need to Use Less, and Love More.

Beauty Heroes_Be IntentionalWe Are Intentional

A pre-requisite we have for the brands we work with is that they begin with intention. Whether it’s Dr. Sarah Villafranco – founder of Osmia Organics – intention to help you return to your senses, Annie Tevelin’s – founder of Skin Owl – intention to make skincare self-care or Beautycounter’s intention to get safe products into the hands of everyone, we want to connect you with their intention. My vision is to continue to communicate and connect to the essence and dare I say magic that lies within each of these sparks that lit a fire under someone to create beauty that’s healthy and heroic, for you.

Beauty Heroes | Non-Toxic BeautyWe Make Progress

Beauty Heroes is proud to be a member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the Green Spa Network and Wellness Warrior, just a few of the organizations working to create a safer, healthier and more beautiful planet. As President Obama closed 2015 by signing the ban on micro beads, my vision is that we make a lot more progress in making beauty safer for everyone, not only those who already understand and champion healthy beauty. With the work of Beautycounter Founder Gregg Renfrew, True Nature Botanicals Founder Hillary Petersonthe EWG and many more, we look forward to seeing the Personal Care Safety Act making to congress this year. Beauty Heroes is proud to offer our Pocket Guide to Ingredient Intelligence for free, and in 2016 you will find our guide translated into Spanish, French, Polish and Russian.


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