My favorite part of my inspired curation process is working directly with the visionary people behind our healthy beauty brands, and this month is no exception.  This May brings our second Hero Product selection with Mahalo Skin Care, an artisan-crafted by hand green beauty brand from the garden island of Kaua’i.  Last June, we shared an in-depth Behind The Scenes look at Maryna and her husband Mark who set out to develop a skin care line that works on every level – energetic, physical and spiritual.  Because my intention for Beauty Heroes is to connect you with what you are using on your skin and body, I wanted to take you further behind the scenes with Mahalo and this month’s Hero Product selection, The Rare Indigo™ Beauty Balm.

Maryna and I have been working on this collaboration for some time, and are excited to bring Beauty Heroes members The Rare Indigo™ and The Petal Mask, the latest manifestations of her passion for beauty, luxurious self-care rituals and mindful living.  This month, we invite you to go deeper behind the scenes to the island of Kaua’i, with a personal message from Maryna and the intention of Mahalo to expand the enjoyment and appreciation we have for our own sacred beauty.  Enjoy.


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