Every now and again, I come across a boss lady who strikes the perfect balance of cool confidence and open curiosity; a woman who knows exactly who she is, and who’s also open to learn and discover more. That’s Chelsea Williams. 

When I first discovered Chelsea Williams on her blog, That’s Chelsea, I was moved by her story of living with Graves Disease and Hypothryroidism for most of her life. I admired how she had accepted these huge health challenges and transformed her experience into an opportunity to heal and inspire others. Rich with information on plant based food, clean beauty and conscious living, her stylish blog will keep you coming back to read about things like her approach to starting a Zero Waste Lifestyle, Natural Hair or Goji Milk

It was an honor to meet Chelsea recently in Los Angeles and am proud to welcome her to our community of healthy living and loving Brand Ambassadors and I hope you enjoy meeting her too!

What inspired you to begin writing about beauty AND launch your blog? 
After many years of struggling with endocrine disorders, I began researching ways to heal myself and maintain my condition naturally. It was only until then that I discovered just how many endocrine disruptors one can be exposed to on a daily basis through food, household cleaning products and personal care products. Throughout my search, I didn’t see many women who looked like me or that I could relate to. I started and launched my blog because I wanted to be the positive example for someone else in the green beauty community that I never had.

What’s your beauty philosophy?
What we eat is just important as what we put on our skin. Clean, simple ingredients are key. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the next new product. I do my best to find Hero products and makeup looks that make me feel beautiful and confident. How I feel inside defines beauty for me.

What is your prescription for Health?
My prescription for health is a combination of patience and balance. Health doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a beautiful, lifelong journey. As our lives change, our routines change. It’s not about perfection, it’s about doing the very best we can in the present moment.

Do you have a favorite ingredient? What do you love about it?
I absolutely love rose! It’s anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, tightens and tones pores, combats eczema and dermatitis. The warm, romantic scent calms and soothes my mind. Rose is truly my superpower ingredient.

What inspires you?
Watching documentaries inspires me. I believe that everything we do in life has an impact on the planet, and on those around us. I love learning about how others are making a difference, and how I can contribute to their efforts. This encourages me to practice mindfulness in my everyday life.

How do you power up in the morning?  How do you get energized?
I don’t eat animal products so I love to power up in the morning with 1-2 tablespoons of iron-rich blackstrap molasses, followed by a glass of warm lemon water to help with absorption. Breakfast helps me focus and start the day out on the right foot. My first choice is Kimberly Synder’s “Glowing Green Smoothie”.

Do you have a personal mantra? 
My personal mantra is a quote by Lalah Delia, “She remembered who she was and the game changed.”

Do you have a favorite spa treatment? 
My favorite spa treatment is massage therapy. Massage therapy decreases inflammation, aids in healing and promotes relaxation.

Can you share one thing we don’t know about you yet? 
I’m an artist who loves to draw and paint. I’m also pretty skilled when it comes to digital art and have won several awards for my vector illustrations.

Zen Moment:  How do you unwind at the end of the day? How do you relax?
I unwind at the end of the day with meditation, prayer and journaling. Using my aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is also a nightly ritual.

In addition to That’s Chelsea, what else do you do for work, hobbies and fun?
By day, I work for a local non-profit organization that promotes healthy lifestyles and access to quality, affordable healthcare. I’m a former collegiate basketball player and I love to play pick-up games with friends to stay active.

Where are we most likely to run into you on a Sunday?
You can find me at church followed by brunch on most Sundays. There is a really addicting plant-based restaurant near my home that my husband and I frequent. Sundays are my rest days.


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