Discover de Mamiel with a DIY Beauty Ritual

If you’ve been a part of the Beauty Heroes community, and a subscriber to our monthly beauty discovery service for any length of time, you’ve watched us evolve, constantly on the search for new beauty brands that are in line with our philosophy surrounding clean beauty, blue beauty and real beauty.

I like to think of Beauty Heroes as a living, breathing entity. Our commitment to bring you the products that capture our commitment remains, and as we continue to learn, evolve and grow, I hope that you feel the same expansiveness in your relationship to healthy beauty. This month, Beauty Heroes members will find a new component of our discovery service, a DIY – Discover It Yourself – Ritual card, that will help you take the next step on your own and truly incorporate our products into your life.

This new ritual card is intended to serve as inspiration for you to create and indulge in your own personal beauty ritual, as no two beauty rituals are alike. I encourage you to experiment with ritual, make time for it and look forward to it. We often get questions from you about how to pair the Hero products we’ve delivered to you, so this month, in our first DIY Ritual, I decided to share one example to incorporate this month’s April’s Hero and Sidekick from de Mamiel into a ritual with some of our recent Discoveries.

But before we get into this month’s DIY Beauty Ritual, I want to give you a little bit of background on how this month’s Hero + Sidekick came to be. It all started with this month’s Hero product, Brightening Cleanse and Exfoliate. I rediscovered this product myself last summer and fell in love with this versatile, waterless powder that can be employed in several ways; as an elegant polishing facial cleanser and scrub, as a booster to your favorite oil, gel or cream cleanser, as a spot treatment for blemishes or dark spots or as an easy to apply face mask.

It takes a lot for me to deem a powder a Hero product, but if there ever were one, this is it – as it contains about 30 unique ingredients, expertly blended by the Chinese medicine practitioner and alchemist Annee de Mamiel. High on the ingredient list is cacao, Himalayan cedarwood, rhassoul clay, vanilla and Vitamin C. Also, in the blend is red jasper and rose quartz, marshmallow, cucumber fruit powder, sandalwood and grape skin powder. I could go on, but you get the point, this isn’t just a few ingredients tossed together to make face mask. This precise blend of highest grade organic and wild-crafted botanicals and minerals is designed to polish away impurities and imperfections while feeding skin with a high dose of antioxidant and minerals to support optimal skin balance and health. I hope you enjoy playing with this Hero product, there are just so many ways to enjoy it. And the scent alone should have you reaching for it regularly, shaking it into your ritual as often as possible.

And then there’s this month’s de Mamiel Sidekick, the recently launched Skin Recovery Blend. This blue balm, chock full of azulene-rich botanicals is densely concentrated with calming botanicals – a little goes a long way. Developed by Annee to treat skin in need to extra care with a blend of rich butters like cupuacu, baobab, tsubaki, mango and shea blended with a dictionary of calming and clearing botanicals like tamanu, elder, comfrey, calendula, astralgus, arnica and black cumin seed. But it doesn’t end there, Annee’s magnum opus balm pulls in blue cypress, cape chamomile, blue tansy, yarrow, licorice, nettle and skullcap for a wide spectrum of phytonutrients that bring a feeling of calm to all of your skin’s woes. This all in one balm might be the Hero product you’ve been searching for to bring a feeling of relief to dryness, redness or inflammation. Arriving in a tiny pot, use sparingly in your day or night time beauty ritual.

With this new evolution – our DIY Ritual Card – comes a new opportunity to be rewarded. Each month we will award one winner who shares their own personal DIY Beauty Ritual on Instagram will have the opportunity to win full-sizes of the products included in the ritual card. Just tag your post or story on Instagram with #DIYHerogram for your chance to win.

Discover It Yourself Beauty Ritual

  • Get Centered with 10 deep belly breaths. Eyes closed. Feet firmly planted. Heart open.
  • Massage a pea-sized scoop of Jane Scrivner Cleansing Balm (January’s Hero) into dry skin to stimulate circulation, lift dirt and debris, and cleanse. Remove with a warm, damp fluffy mitt.
  • Exfoliate with a quarter size of de Mamiel’s Brightening Cleanse and Exfoliate, adding water until it becomes a paste. Polish gently for 1-3 minutes. Extend to your neck and décolleté while enjoying the comforting aroma. Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Mist with Max and Me’s The Intuitive (December’s Sidekick Limited Edition Hero) or Blüh Alchemy Toning Elixir (March’s Sidekick) for soothing, calming hydration.
  • Protect with Blüh Alchemy Multi-C Serum (March’s Hero) on damp, dewy skin and extend to neck, décolleté and any area that benefits from antioxidant protection.
  • Recover by melting a half a pea size of this month’s Sidekick, Skin Recovery Blend, between fingertips and pressing onto skin, inhaling deeply. Add another 1/2 pea for neck and chest.


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