Play List: Say Yes to Less

We know, this is supposed to be about PLAYING. But being free to take time off for yourself is often compromised by our getting bogged down by stuff – what do with it, cleaning it, sorting through it – when the time might be better spent learning, sharing, playing! So, this week we’re finding fun in practicing the art of less so you can ultimately say “yes” to more time for you.

Cuyana – This Bay Area-based apparel and accessories maker celebrates “a life filled with fewer, better things.” There’s much to be said for a disciplined wardrobe: it’s easier to get dressed, certainly easier to figure out what to pack, and it’s an opportunity for your own true style and persona to emerge, fad-free. Visit Cuyana’s Lean Closet Movement to start on the path of aligning style and intention.

Cory Vines One of our own brand mottos is “Use less. Love More,” so it’s easy to see why we find a kindred spirit in Cory Vines workout apparel company’s “Pay less, sweat more,” attitude. Exercise is essential to living a vibrant and healthy life and this upstart Canadian brand supports your efforts with well-priced, high-quality style.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Random House) – This Japanese bestseller by cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes the axiom, “a place for everything, and everything in its place,” to obsessive new heights. That said, its principled clarity makes you realistically think twice about how you manage your things relative to your time and life and serves as a guide to help evaluate what’s important.


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