Q + A With Jolene Hart

Beauty really does come from within. That’s the message that Author and Wellness Coach Jolene Hart is intent on sharing with women across the globe.  As the Author of Eat Pretty and the upcoming Eat Pretty, Live Well (2016 Chronicle Books), Jolene helps women discover how we treat and feed our bodies is directly correlated to our health, and ultimately our beauty. Through her thriving wellness coaching practice, she helps women shift their focus from beauty products and aids to a holistic and seasonal approach to nutrition along with stress reduction and healthy rituals that can balance hormones, clear skin and so much more. Jolene truly is a leading voice in healthy beauty and recently expanded her reach by co-founding the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance.  We’re honored to welcome her as a Beauty Heroes Brand Ambassador and look forward to sharing her work with our fans. For today, we’ll leave you with a glimpse into how Jolene got started and a few of her healthiest habits.

What inspired you to begin writing about beauty AND launch your blog?

I left my post as a beauty writer at InStyle magazine in 2008, because I wanted to focus my career on writing about natural and organic beauty. But I quickly found that no one wanted to publish articles on natural and organic beauty at that time! So I created my website, Beauty Is Wellness, as an outlet for my natural product reviews and beauty-focused wellness news. Around the same time, I was going to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach, and I also used the Beauty Is Wellness name for my coaching practice, because I wanted healthy beauty to be my focus as a coach. The name has held up, and really sums up my beauty perspective now as it did back then!

What’s your beauty philosophy?

I believe that the foods we eat make an even greater impact on the way we look and feel than all the cutting-edge beauty products we can buy. The foundation of beauty is health, and that truly starts from the inside.

What is your prescription for Health?

My prescription for health starts with getting to know your body better, and treating it with kindness and compassion. Listen to your body, and notice how it reacts to foods, activities, and situations. Consistently choose the diet and practices that make you feel your best and you’re already on a more positive track toward a healthy, balanced body.

Do you have a favorite ingredient? What do you love about it?

My favorite topical ingredient is raw honey, which I actually like as a beauty food as well, in small doses. Its enzymes gently exfoliate as it draws moisture to skin, eliminates unwanted bacteria and maintains the acidic pH of the skin when used as a mask. I love that it’s a 20-minute natural makeover whenever my skin needs it!

What inspires you?

I get so inspired hearing the stories of my readers and clients who have changed their lives and their appearances by rethinking their approach to food and beauty. We have so much power to change and redefine ourselves at any moment in or lives!

How do you power up in the morning?

If I’ve had a restful night of sleep, I’m already powered up in the a.m. I usually have to jump right into making breakfast for my son and prepping for the day ahead, but I always make a protein-rich breakfast for myself as well.

Do you have a personal mantra?

Not really. Though I believe that gratitude breeds happiness and makes life so much richer, and I practice it as often as I can.

Do you have a favorite spa treatment?

Massage, without question. A good massage fixes everything.

Can you share one thing we don’t know about you yet?

Early in my career I was a red carpet reporter for a celebrity magazine, and I interviewed everyone from Madonna to Angelina Jolie. But I was supposed to come up with all kinds of salacious news scoops about people and I was terrible at that part of the job!

Zen Moment: How do you unwind at the end of the day? How do you relax?

I love a bath at the end of the day. I know it’s drying for the skin to soak too long in hot water, but I love a really hot bath with salts and fragrant essential oils. I get so into matching the different bath add-ins to my current mood or physical and emotional needs. Otherwise just getting to bed on time and sleeping well relaxes and restores me better than any other evening activity. I need my sleep!

In addition to coaching and writing, what do you do for fun?

As a health coach, I work with women around the world to help them build a diet and lifestyle that supports their lifelong beauty and health. Cooking is my hobby and for fun I love taking really long walks to explore new places. Sometimes I take a friend along or bring my son in the stroller. But often I enjoy just being by myself on those walks, spending time thinking and daydreaming. That’s when I come up with my best ideas.

Where are we most likely to run into you on a Sunday?

At one of the many parks in Philadelphia, collecting sticks, chasing squirrels, and scoping out trucks with my son and husband.



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