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Smells Like A Green Spirit

Beauty Heroes is proud to announce the newest member of our Brand Ambassador community, a Parisian born beauty based in Luxembourg.  Liz, the woman behind the conscious living and beauty blog, Smells Like A Green Spirit, hopes to make switching to safe and sustainable beauty a little easier for her audience by educating them on ingredients and finding green gems that are conscisously made and deliver results. Sound familiar?  We enjoyed learning through this interview that Liz was first inspired to write about beauty by one of our other Brand Ambassadors and how she found her tribe within the green beauty community.

What inspired you to begin writing about beauty and launch your blog Smells Like A Green Spirit

For a long time, I felt left out because I wasn’t into conventional beauty products. My friends would have a blast at beauty counters and I would be the frustrated one who always left empty-handed because she couldn’t find anything green. I also read every ingredient list carefully, so at the end nobody wanted to go beauty shopping with me anymore.

So at some point, I really felt the need to share my experience about green beauty and talk with like-minded people. Since I couldn’t find them in my entourage, I started looking up online. This is how I came across the existence of green beauty blogs. I remember very well the first blog I found: it was Beauty By Britanie. I completely adhered to Britanie’s beauty and health philosophy and soon realized that there was actually a whole community of women and also men passionate about green beauty and wellness. Several months later, I mustered up the courage to start my own blog. At the beginning, I also wanted to incorporate a bit of fashion, because at that time I was enjoyed it as well, but green beauty quickly took over and it’s better that way. Creating my own blog has enabled me to connect with wonderful people from all over the world, even building beautiful friendships and solid work relationships. The green beauty community is nurturing and supportive, and I feel inspired by all the kindness and knowledge that emanates from it.

What’s your beauty philosophy?

Beauty comes from within. A healthy mind + a healthy body = beauty guaranteed. I can put on all the makeup I want, or slather all the oils I have, if I don’t drink enough water or nourish my body with all the right nutrients, I won’t feel my best. I learned this the hard way, as I dealt with low self-esteem and self-consciousness for many years. I’ve shared a bit of my story in one of my posts , ‘Saying sorry to my body.’

It was only once I took care of my physical and emotional wellbeing that I started to embrace my own skin. As I treated my body right, my body looked right to me. Happy people are glowing and naturally have this incredible energy. Roald Dahl said it best: ‘If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.’

Oh and a little bit of lipstick never hurts, it always helps me feel extra put together.

What is your prescription for Health?

Limit your stress, more precisely, chronic stress. It is the devil, raising cortisol levels, and other stress hormones, thus disrupting our body’s processes and leading to numerous health problems. It’s obviously easier said than done, as life can be a rollercoaster. On a daily basis I rely on breathing exercises.  Before I started Yoga, I had never noticed that I wasn’t breathing properly. My breathing pattern was tense and erratic. After doing those regular breathing exercises, I learned to do deep and long breath. It makes a world of difference.

Do you have a favorite ingredient? What do you love about it?

I feel like it keeps changing, as I’m constantly learning about new plants and their benefits. However, I’m totally enamored with Blue Tansy. Blue Tansy works wonders on irritated and inflamed skin because it has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. It is also used to soothe anxiety and nervous tension. The scent quickly relaxes me, and my oily skin has noticeably improved since using products containing it. Turmeric and Red raspberry come a close second in my list.

What inspires you?

Tough question. I try to seek inspiration everywhere. I don’t have a particular role model. I prefer to pick the good in each person and/or situation. I could name numerous things that inspire: the beauty and stillness of nature; love and how it can move mountains; qualities such as courage, intelligence, kindness, empathy, and hospitality…

How do you power up in the morning?  How do you get energized?

Warm water with lemon is the first thing I do, always. It helps kick start the digestion process for the day and flushes out toxins. I go for lemon-ginger green tea if I’m feeling under the weather. A quick shower will wash off my sleepiness and if I’m not going to work in the morning, a little power walk is working wonders for me. Otherwise, a bit of pop or soul music gets me in the best mood to tackle the day. Also, if I’m working on an exciting and stimulating project, the energy will follow naturally.

Do you have a personal mantra? 

When I first started my blog, I wrote the mantra “Be kind be brave” on one of my pages and it still applies to this day. Be kind as in treating the environment, the people and myself with kindness and respect. Be brave as in embracing your true self without being afraid.

Do you have a favorite spa treatment?

I love a good facial. I used to go to a spa that carried Dr. Hauschka’s line, and I’d leave the place feeling completely refreshed and zen. Now, I really enjoy doing my own little spa treatment at home with a facial steam and a good facemask.

Can you share one thing we don’t know about you yet?

I’m quite shy, and a bit self-conscious when I speak English or any foreign languages in general. I’m just more comfortable with writing. I’m trying to get into Periscope though because I have several video ideas, but I have to gather the courage to speak. I will eventually, it just takes me a bit more time.

Zen Moment:  How do you unwind at the end of the day? How do you relax?

After a long day, I love wrapping myself in a soft blanket, with a book, a cup of homemade hot chocolate with oat milk and cinnamon, and an aromatherapy roll-on. Reading is one of my favorite activities and one of the most efficient ways for me to unwind because it takes my mind off things completely. The other way to relax for me is spending quality time with friends and family, and sharing good moments and laughs.

In addition to writing for Smells Like A Green Spirit, what else do you do for work, hobbies and fun?

My daytime job and my blog activities are two separate entities. During the day, I’m a freelance tutor for children/teenagers in languages and humanities. I also do copywriting and translation work. Writing and languages are two life-long passions of mine. When I’m not working, I’m blogging, and when I’m not blogging, my hobbies include going to the movies, yoga, reading, powerwalking.

Where are we most likely to run into you on a Sunday?

My Sundays are usually laid-back, but I’d say at the park, especially if it’s sunny outside. I really enjoy walking, and being surrounded by nature. My head is always clearer after a fresh walk. I sometimes get to pet dogs there, so that’s a bonus.


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