Time for a FlowerEvolution


I still remember the first time my now friend, Katie Hess, Founder of Lotus Wei walked up to me and asked me to, “pick a flower.” I was standing in the lobby of the spa I was the director at, over 10 years ago. She held up a card with 6 or 8 beautiful flowers for me to choose from. I did, and she gifted me with a flower essence. Katie was bright, beautiful and passionate about the healing abilities of flower essences.

Over the last 10 or more years, I have witnessed Katie blossom as a leader in concentric spa, wellness, indie and green beauty circles. Flower Essences have gone from being virtually unknown, to a well-loved compliment to diet, meditation, exercise and self-care to prevent and manage stress and illness.


When earlier this year Katie alerted me that she was putting the final touches on a book about the healing potential of Flower Essences, and collaborating with world famous nature photographer Louie Schwartzberg, I simply could not wait until it would be ready. I’ve been a big fan of Lotus Wei, which on its own is a transformational line of flower infused body serums, tinctures, perfumes and mists. Earlier this year we had the opportunity to collaborate when we introduced Lotus Wei flower essence infused beauty through Katie’s collaboration with Diane Reade to create Modern Minerals Emotive Makeup.

flowerevolution3-1-1024x683In preparation for the launch, Katie asked me to pick a flower, and she once again gifted me with a flower essence, and asked me to apply it regularly and share my experience. The flower I selected is called Grevillea, which supports one having fearless speech and speaking their mind.

Here is what Katie shared about this flower essence with me:

In Australia, Grevillea flowers are known as ‘bush lollies,’ or lollipops of the wild bush, because the flower is filled with sweet nectar. As yummy as it sounds, nowadays it is not recommended to drink the nectar directly from the flowers, as some of the cultivars contain toxins. If you’re attracted to the Grevillea flower, you may have a tendency to hold back your words for fear of hurting someone’s feelings or appearing too brash or direct. Grevillea flower elixir gives us the courage to speak up and say directly things that we would usually hold back. It eradicates the habit of hesitation and gives us the ability to deliver a clear message. When we’re able to freely communicate and express our truth, we can cut to the chase, evolve our relationships faster, and feel more authentic in everyday interactions.

jeanie-with-joyI received Lotus Wei’s Truthteller, flower-powered lip balm, infused with Grevillea. It was and still is perfect for me. My lip balm sits on my desk and before or during every meeting or call I have, I apply truthteller. What I experienced was setting the intention of getting to the truth of each meeting or phone call, faster and more clearly. I felt more connected to the my truth and was more confident in expressing it in an easier way. It was less about telling the truth and more about actively expressing the truth within the conversation. It has been a fantastic tool for me that I use several times each day. And it conveniently sits on my desk next to several other Lotus Wei flower essences that I love, like Inspired Action, Infinte Love, and Joy Juice.

There has never been a better time than right now for a FlowerEvolution, a book that will connect you back with nature and bring to light the wisdom inherent in its beauty and complexity. FlowerEvolution launches today!

To learn hear more personal experiences with Flower Essences visit The Thirbly, a holistic guide for living, shaken and stirred.



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