Vapour Organic Beauty Gets Clear On Green Beauty Packaging

Being a green beauty brand is about more than healthy, good for you, ingredients. The green beauty movement is also leading the way in sustainable packaging and business practices that support the health of our environment. While Vapour Organic Beauty’s green beauty packaging is secondary to the formula inside the bottle, it is still an important part of our experience with a brand, and any brand founder will tell you that it’s one of the most challenging parts of creating and sustaining a compelling beauty experience. Not only does packaging need to be functional, it must also be beautiful, adequately protect the product inside from the air and elements, and be as sustainable as possible. This month we celebrate the launch of Vapour Organic Beauty’s transition from plastic to glass packaging with our Limited Edition Discovery (that’s selling out in record time). I asked Kristine Keheley and Kyrsia Boinis to share with us just what is involved in a packaging update and more ways Vapour Organic Beauty is leading the way in sustainable beauty.

What prompted Vapour Organic Beauty to decide to transition to glass packaging?

At Vapour Organic Beauty we recognize that being a green business is an evolving process. Just as many individuals are switching to natural beauty one product at a time (by finishing a conventional product before choosing a healthier alternative), we too are excited to take the next step in our evolution towards being a more sustainable brand. We have always wanted to have glass packaging and up until now it’s been a cost issue, the cost of glass itself and of shipping it safely. -Krysia Boinis

How long has it taken you to make this transition?  Give you give us a brief insight into the process? We’ve wanted to make this change for quite a while and in the Spring of 2017, we had the resources to go forward. Logistical planning for a transition this extensive, involving a major portion of our line, is massive. It’s taken almost a year to make the change and has affected every part of our business and process. It’s been wonderful to see our entire staff come together and make it happen. We’re thrilled to take this step to a more sustainable future.

-Kristine Keheley

Besides it being better for the environment, what are some other benefits of that are realized from this re-packaging initiative? 

Glass fits with our philosophy of having a light footprint on the Earth. Glass is also aligned with our luxurious formulas and high-quality ingredients. Vapour products should be packaged in something beautiful! I am especially excited about our transition to glass because the frosted finish on the bottles reflect the soft focus and satin finish that the products have on the skin.


What other sustainability initiatives does Vapour Organic Beauty have within the company?  

Vapour Organic Beauty is a champion of organic farming and we have a self-imposed mission to use a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients in every Vapour product. Organic farming reduces greenhouse gas emissions, is more energy efficient than conventional farming, and does not release pesticides into the water table. Vapour’s primary packaging is in glass and aluminum. Both materials contain high amounts of recycled content and are also then recyclable. Vapour’s secondary packaging (unit boxes) are made from managed forest stock and post-consumer recycled content and are printed with soy ink. -Kristine

Why is sustainable eco-conscious beauty so important to Vapour Organic Beauty?

My view is that beauty brands have an ethical responsibility to women and to the planet to make conscious, proactive sustainable choices at every step. Each choice a brand makes presents an opportunity to raise the bar on sustainability and responsibility. I personally source all of Vapour’s ingredients and take it on as my challenge to understand the sustainable issues specific to each one. A founding mission of Vapour Organic Beauty has been the support of organic farming. From the perspective of personal and environmental wellness, large scale global organic farming has the power to not only promote bee colony survival, lower water pollution, and decrease human and animal pesticide absorption, it also is increasingly recognized as a means of mitigating climate change. Vapour is also founded on the profound appreciation of the poetry and magic of plants. I’m committed to staying as close to the plant source as possible with minimal processing of raw ingredients. Organic ingredients are gorgeous and have healing life force energy. You feel that spirit in Vapour products. -Kristine


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