An Innovative Twist on the Traditional Haircare Ritual

Frequently, I hear brands say they want to develop a luxury haircare line. I believe that we all define our own luxuries, and the Tabitha James Kraan haircare line is my definition of luxury — made with meticulously sourced organic ingredients and boasting gorgeous aromatics, feels amazing and easy to apply (check, check, check, check). Watch my hair transformation, and discover Tabitha’s innovative twist on the traditional ‘wash, rinse, repeat’ ritual.

I first learned of Tabitha from Beauty Heroes Brand Ambassador Ailish Lucas — who spoke highly of her line and claimed it to be one-of-a-kind as she raved about Tabitha’s immense talents. As I researched Tabitha and her hair care line, I learned about both the products and Tabitha’s philosophy of hair care, which was essentially quite simple: treat your scalp like you treat your skin, keep it in balance, and watch how your hair looks, feels and performs when you do so. 

I immediately fell in love with Tabitha’s Scented Organic Hair Oil (and you will too). Tabitha spent over 10 years researching and developing her hair care line to understand the relationship between the hair and scalp. Her hair oil is both the alpha and omega of the Tabitha James Kraan ritual, she began the line with her Scented Organic Hair Oil to support every hair type and balance. It is unmistakably luxurious and effectively treats the scalp while soothing and protecting hair with a gorgeous scent. 

After falling in love with the hair oil, I tried out her unique foam-free Hair Cleanser and 4-in-1 Hair Conditioner — made with unique formulas that are incredibly gentle on your hair (and the environment). It took time to get used to how the Hair Cleanser doesn’t lather, but after learning about how both products work to keep the scalp in balance, I quickly became a fan. I watched Tabitha’s educational videos, and later we met online to talk about her love and passion for creating the cleanest, most luxurious hair care line in the world. 

 I later learned about her new products in the works — a (foaming) Clean Shampoo and Clean Conditioner that would be formulated to feel like a more traditional formula while maintaining a balance between the hair and scalp. I remember when Tabitha’s husband and business partner, Dennes excitedly sent me the first sample bottles to try. I washed, lathered and fell in love with these soon-to-be Hero products of mine. We immediately began planning to introduce these new creations to our Beauty Heroes subscribers, and I’m so excited to deliver both Clean Shampoo + Conditioner and Scented Hair Oil to you in this month’s Beauty Discovery. As is true with her other products, the Clean Shampoo and Conditioner comes in two scents; Amber Rose and Golden Citrus. While I love both scents, I selected Amber Rose to deliver this month, it’s my favorite and I hope you love it as much as I do.

I took a trip to the UK this past fall, and was finally able to meet Tabitha and Dennes in person — after three years of long-distance conversations. It was a Monday, her salon was closed to the public, and I was so tickled to have Tabitha James Kraan all to myself. My impression of her from our conversations was that she was incredibly knowledgeable, talented and kind of a rock star. She was all of the above and then some! She is warm, ethereal and intuitive. We became instant friends! Her husband, Dennes, is the perfect match and they took such great care of me during my visit to their luxurious Cotswold salon. While I was there, Tabitha gave my hair the ultimate treatment, taught me more about the scalp and hair relationship than anyone I’ve ever met, and made me feel (and look) like a princess. 



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