Axiology Proves
Clean + Color Can Live In Stunning Harmony

As we celebrate the second anniversary of our launch with Axiology Beauty, I am reminded that this Blue beauty brand captured my heart from the very start for its next-level commitment to sustainability. In fact, as evidenced by my original post about the this conscious lipstick line, it was indeed love at first swipe.

Axiology Formulator and Founder, Ericka Rodriguez continues to perfect her craft, achieving the purest product development possible without sacrificing her trend-forward color palette. Bold, clean color is no easy feat, but Ericka is committed to the cause. So committed, in fact, that she recently refreshed Axiology’s mission statement to highlight her commitment to crafting color cosmetics free from any impurity. Ericka’s standards are higher than most. She ensures that her products are made from as few ingredients as possible, and that each color is organic, fair-trade and ethically sourced. To prove it, simply turn over the triangle lipstick box for an unusually short and legible ingredient list that reads:

Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Avocado Butter, Candelilla Wax, Avocado Oil, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil (from Sunflower), Organic Orange Oil, Elderberry Extract, Organic Neem Oil.


Each ingredient is organic, recognizable and edible and vegan. What you may not notice is that the list does not contain palm oil. Sustainably sourced palm oil, a common ingredient in many green beauty formulas, is absent because Ericka wanted to ensure that her product never compromised animals or the environment. The wide range of colors is crated from minerals – not dyes or carmine. Additionally, each mineral is sourced by adult, fair trade labor as child labor is unfortunately a common issue in mineral harvesting.

And as the perfectly complement her dressed up mission statement, Ericka revamped her branding as well – departing from luxe black and gold packaging in favor of a bold red statement. Because clearly, a bold red lipstick pairs well with everything.


Ericka is a formulator who demonstrates that it is possible to create luxury products that check ALL the boxes, proving that clean and color can live in stunning harmony.

With Axiology’s new branding comes a slight reformulation, coupled with a fine tuning of the color palette and a launch of three pigment levels; Sheer Balm (light pigment), Light Cream (medium pigment), and Rich Cream (deep, opaque pigment). In this month’s Limited-Edition Discovery , it is a true pleasure to bring you the new, improved Axiology. If you loved Axiology before, you will be sure to fall deeper in love.


To demonstrate the collection, I asked Rebecca Casciano, a celebrated vegan Green Beauty Makeup Artist and founder of the Sacred Beauty Collective to show us how to best apply Axiology lip crayons and lipsticks in the different pigment weights on a variety of skin tones. Choose from the three collections or mix and match for the shades that speak to you and let your lips, like Axiology’s lip products, speak for what matters most. Take a peek and enjoy the video.



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