Ayuna wants us to pay more attention to our body. Inspired by the emerging field of psycho-dermatology that connects skin with our emotions, Ayuna introduces their concept of BEAUTIFULNESS, a discipline that adapts the teachings of mindfulness into the realm of beauty to stimulate the skin-brain connection through personal care. Their hypothesis is that reducing stress levels leads to more beautiful skin.

We couldn’t agree more, which is why we recently introduced a monthly DIY – Discover It Yourself – ritual with every Beauty Heroes Discovery. Our hope is that you are inspired to create a personal ritual as a means of relaxation and an act of self-love, to connect to your own idea of Beautifulness. There is no one way to do this; our monthly rituals are mere suggestions if you need a little help to get started. Take it and run with it…and then share how you did it for a chance to win the entire collection. More on that later!

This month, we couldn’t wait to create a ritual that incorporated May’s Hero, Velo, and Sidekick The Facial. Now, it’s worth noting that this month marks our fifth collaboration with Ayuna, so you know they are a household favorite. Ayuna’s minimalistic approach to skincare is a great example of how less is more. Without a traditional toner, eye cream, hydrating serum or oil, the products are revolutionary in their formats, and treatment-oriented in their approach. Meant to work synergistically, the results are nothing short of awe-inspiring when used together in a full facial. In fact, Ayuna has a name for their facial: The Ceremony. Whether you’re using the full Ayuna range, or incorporating a few of your favorite Hero products from other healthy beauty brands, we hope you’re inspired to create a mini ceremony in your own bathroom.

Discovery Your Own Beautifulness with Ayuna

First, begin by bringing yourself into a state of relaxation and centeredness. Perhaps try to bathe or meditate before you begin.


Bathe skin from chest to forehead in a nourishing lather of borage and olive oils infused with mildly detoxifying charcoal with Ayuna’s Nourishing Artisan Soap. Rinse clean.


Apply a medium to thick layer of Ayuna Volcanic Revitalizing Balm and allow the mask to activate for 30 minutes.


With the mask still on, step into a steaming shower with AYUNA Spirulite Multiactive Body Mask + Wash to rinse and warm the body. Turn the water off and begin to massage the body with the bar in small circles from toes to neck. Turn the water on and rinse off both face and body masks.


Using a reusable cotton round or your fingers, swipe a thin layer of Ayuna The Facial (Low or High) to the face, neck and décolleté as desired.

Note: Together, The Balm and The Facial are a combination that should leave your skin looking deeply cleansed and refined – as if you had a professional facial. The Balm is a little hard to remove, so just know that is part of this ritual.


Massage Ayuna Body Cream to just dry skin from toes to chest. Follow with a think application of Ayuna’s Rejuvenating Treatment Cream I (Light) or Cream II (Rich).


And finally, complete your ritual with Ayuna’s Velo. This ultra-wearable protecting moisturizer will become your daily, non-negotiable Hero product. If you’re like us, you’ll realize this is the one product you didn’t realize you were missing, and you’ll never want to go a day without it again! For a perfected look and day time protection follow with a thin layer of Velo from chest to forehead.


Ready to win this entire collection of innovative products? Show us how you incorporate this month’s Hero product and Sidekick into your home ritual and share on Instagram. Use #DIYHerogram #Herogram so we can find you!



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