Bathing Culture, So Much More Than Soap

You may think we planned it this way, but the truth is we didn’t see this coming. Who knew that sending out a rainbow waved bottle of soap as our Hero product could be as relevant as it is in this very moment? I remember the first time I saw Bathing Culture on a shelf at a store, the rainbow across their small 100% recycled plastic bottle caught my eye. I flipped open the cap and smelled the Cathedral Grove scent, took a quick look at the ingredient list to make sure it was legit, and I was hooked. I fell in love with the soap they called Mind + Body Wash, so perfect. I would go through bottle after bottle, our whole family was hooked on the cedar and Palo Santo scent that has become a part of our daily lives.

Lucky for me, Spencer and Tim, the co-founders of Bathing Culture are based in San Francisco, a short 30-minute drive from our headquarters, and we had the great pleasure of getting our orders dropped off in person, along with handfuls of buttons that say LOVE IS RAD to include with each bottle of soap. Then, one day, Spencer stopped by and brought us a gallon jug of their Hero product, Mind and Body Wash accompanied by refillable ceramic-painted glass bottles that brightened our Beauty Heroes Novato store. They were an instant hit and within a month we had local fans bringing in their rainbow glass bottles for a refill. The gorgeous bottles made beautiful hand soap dispensers in the bathroom or kitchen and perked up your shower shelfie.

Over the time that I’ve been able to watch Bathing Culture blossom, I’ve noticed their intention at every step of their development as they found ways to make products that were conscious of the environment, socially responsible and beautifully joyful. A true Blue Beauty brand, their original plastic soap bottles were crafted from reclaimed plastic specifically from our local Northern California region, slow plastic, if you will. Most ingredients are Oregon Tilth certified organic, sourced from local farms, made between Oregon and California and entirely free from palm oil. The evolution into refillable bottles involved outreach to create refill stations around the U.S., and we can hope soon, around the world. They started the company to serve people and planet first, donating to environmental causes and recently launching a campaign where you can buy an enamel LOVE IS RAD pin and make a contribution to the San Francisco LGBT Center Transgender Employment Program, which only makes you love them and their products more!

But these guys have a real passion for bathing, describing it as a primal act that is common to all humans. The shower is the place where we’re all just a human being; no technology, no clothes and a sacred space where we are truly alone. When Spencer and Tim added more products to the collection, we approached them with an idea to share their passion for bathing around the world through a Beauty Heroes discovery, that was months ago. And now, in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, we get to share their story, their artisan cathedral grove scented soap and their rainbow adorned bottles with the Beauty Heroes community around the world.

Our May discovery includes 3 full-size products, Mind + Body Wash, Outer Being Face + Body Oil and Golden Hour Face and Body Mist. Each product is multi-functioning, unisex and good for the whole family. There are so many ways to enjoy this universal collection, I’ll leave it to you to experiment, bathe and bask in this Bathing Culture rainbow wave of love.

Here’s just one way to play:

Bathing Culture Big Dipper Bath Salts


Draw a hot bath and generously sprinkle Big Dipper Mineral Bath Salts into water, then slide on in. Soak for 20+ blissful minutes of zero gravity relaxation as the west coast sea salts, green clay and essences of cypress, cedar and vetiver oils melt away mind and muscle stress.

Bathing Culture Mind & Body Wash


Before water gets too cool, add 2-3 pumps of Mind and Body Wash to a loofah or wash cloth, and gently scrub skin from feet to neck. Let the woodsy aroma of balsam, vetiver, ylang ylang, ho wood and frankincense transport you to the Redwood forests of Northern California.

Bathing Culture Golden Hour Hydrosol


Coming back to reality, lift yourself out of the tub and pat dry with a warm, fluffy towel. While skin is still damp and tingly fresh, spritz Golden Hour Hydrosol on your entire being and around your aura. Moroccan neroli and rose mingle to deliver a refreshing, moisture-sealing mist.

Bathing Culture Outer Being Face & Body Oil


Extend the bathing ritual with Outer Being Face & Body Oil, an aromatic all over oil that locks in moisture while providing vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants with a blend of sea buckthorn, marula, jojoba and coconut MCT oils.

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