The True Leadership of True Botanicals

It’s any beauty entrepreneur’s dream: first to market with formulas that clinically compete with mainstream cosmeceuticals. First skincare company to have its entire line MadeSafe certified. One of precious few green beauty brands to garner celebrity endorsement. For anyone searching for green beauty success stories, you won’t have to look further than True Botanicals, a true leader in green beauty. And the brand’s Founder, Hillary Peterson, is just getting started. With her sight set on raising the bar for the entire beauty industry, Hillary continues to grow and scale her brand without compromise.

When we first featured their Hero product, Resurfacing Moisture Mask in April 2016, our customers clamored for more. Recently, we launched a complete True Botanicals collection in our Beauty Store, complete with the True Botanicals hair and body care line, a trio that wowed me two years ago when Hillary proudly shared her formulations with me. I knew then that the Shampoo and Conditioner were Hero products in that instant, and never since we have been planning to introduce them to the Beauty Heroes tribe. Happily that day has come.

Fortunately, I get to visit with Hillary a few times a year, since True Botanicals is headquartered here in Northern California. I have enjoyed watching the company reach more people with their MadeSafe certified formulations, convincing customers one by one that clean does not need to compromise efficacy. With the release of this month’s Hero collection, I asked Hillary if she’d be willing to sit down and talk about it all: the growth, the formulas, sustainability and celebrity endorsements in green beauty. Please join me at her beautiful home in Mill Valley, where she opens up about how True Botanicals is able to scale sustainably and grow globally, without compromise. You’ll understand, as I do, that True Botanicals is the brand to follow into the future of green beauty.


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