Charlynn Avery Aromatherapist

Charlynn Avery is an Aromatherapist and Educator for Aura Cacia and Frontier Natural Product Co-op

I recently met Charlynn at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Squaw Valley where she was hosting a ‘Speakeasy’ talk on using safe and effective essential oils.  Immediately upon meeting her, I knew she had a gift by her warm, welcoming and calm confidence combined with her experience and extensive ingredient intelligence.  As the National Educator for Aura Cacia, an essential oil company whose mission is to make aromatherapy easy, Charlynn empowers others to be in charge of their own holistic health and well-being.

What’s your prescription for health?

When I think of health, I think of the whole person – body, mind and spirit.  For the body, good nutrition – food as medicine is my approach, and I fill my diet with lots of color from fruits and veggies with a strong emphasis on greens. In addition, I drink lots of water – typically around 100 ounces a day.  To connect the body and mind I use exercise.  Walking and yoga are two mainstays in my life and I need them to function physically and mentally.  And, for the spirit, I look to prayer and meditation and lots of laughter.  I think to sum it up, it’s about seeking the good – good people, good food, good movement and a good attitude are my prescription for health.

What is your ritual to help you feel your most confident and beautiful?

I believe in visualization.
After growing up without much confidence in myself, I began with intention to start to find one thing I liked about myself in each picture that was taken of me.  It took a while, but over time, I started to just like each picture.  This was helpful in creating confidence and both nurturing and reinforcing what I found beautiful in myself.  As a sort of ritual, about 10 years ago I created a vision board that I would update every 4-6 months.  On this board, I used to have a lot of life goals, and over the years, I added more happy pictures of myself making each board more meaningful and tangible.   It is on the wall by my bedside and is one of the first things I see when I wake up each morning.  This daily reminder feeds my confidence and sense of authenticity.  My beauty is a reflection of looking upon myself with the same love I look out to the rest of the world with.

How do you bring joy into your daily life?

I give compliments and love generously.  I am naturally optimistic and forward thinking, but I like feeling the joy in the moment.  My greatest joy comes from love and making other people happy – so that is part of my every day.

Best thing you do for your skin?

Water!  It is our life source and feeds every part of our body.  We can easily tell how a person is feeling by how their skin looks. Healthy, hydrated skin glows from the inside out.

What Superpower do you wish you had?

I wish I could increase people’s love energy and capacity for love.  I used to wish I could read minds, but that’s not a super power… it’s social media (she says with tongue in cheek).

What is your Guilty pleasure?

*Groan*  – Celebrity gossip.  I just like to know things about people – all people.  I don’t want their lives to be invaded, and certainly not the lives of their children, but I love just knowing the things that make us all real.  And I am of a curious nature.

What is  your personal mantra or guiding principal?

To be the light.  It’s pretty plain and simple, but meaningful to me in so many ways.  I want to be a force of good, a positive influence, a great role model for myself and the children in my life, a great spouse, daughter, friend, sister, aunt, etc.  It can all be wrapped up in that expression of being the light.

What is your best beauty secret that no one else knows about?

I don’t wash my face or hair with regularity.  We tend to overdo the washing process and strip our bodies of natural oils… this is a fast track to aging, and I am trying to slow that process way down.

How does what you do bring out beauty in others?

In my role as an educator for a natural products company, I empower other people to take charge of their health and wellness choices – not just with essential oils, but in many different arenas.  We have become so disconnected as a society from understanding and listening to our bodies.  Once we slow the pace down a bit, and pay attention to how we really feel, we tend to make better decisions and more accurate choices.  When we know ourselves and are aware of our bodies, we become beautiful to the outside world.  When I share with people how they can make their own products or how they can better manage the pace of their lives, it builds empowerment – which leads to confidence.  That is the most beautiful thing to behold.


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