Dana Jackson on Healing Luxury and Radical Self Care

For anyone who has suffered, or watched a loved one suffer, through an autoimmune disease, you know that the road to recovery can be paved with mysterious, hard to diagnose symptoms as well as physical and emotional setbacks. Because ‘autoimmune disease’ is an umbrella term that covers many illnesses, and the myriad causes are still being discovered, being diagnosed with one can be a lifelong journey. When Dana Jackson was diagnosed with Lupus and Lupus Nephritis, it was after a long battle that left her house-bound with debilitating pain and an unsightly skin and hair condition for which she could find no relief.  Alone and without the answers she was looking for, she began creating the solutions she needed to treat her damaged and dry skin using potent, organic, wild-harvested botanicals. Her first successful batch of Heal Whipped Skin Soufflé was literally a balm for her soul – both soothing to her skin and also, finally, a small victory on her healing path. And, it was the catalyst for her brand, Beneath Your Mask. We were delighted to feature her first Hero product in last year’s Indie Holiday series, (watch the video below to hear more about Dana’s story!) and we’re bringing it back to a wider audience this year, alongside her new product, Remedy Conditioning Lip Balm. More on that in a moment.

If you met Dana today, you’d never imagine that this statuesque goddess had suffered as she had. Confident, glowing and warm, Dana is the kind of woman you admire from afar, and befriend immediately upon introduction. Now that I’ve known her for about three years, I’ve witnessed the discipline needed for her to maintain her health. When we check in from time to time, she updates me on her intentional self care routine that is necessary for her mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Heal continues to be the only product that helps her skin maintain its elasticity and texture after the extreme fluid retention and trauma, and the brand continues to evolve with more healing products. But what keeps Dana going is that the brand has become a platform to tell her story of recovery and inspire others to deeply value their health and embrace radical self care.

Witnessing Dana’s discipline inspired me to have her headline our very first content event at our newly opened Beauty Heroes Novato store. In this inaugural workshop, Dana will connect the dots between a product and its importance in helping you feel more connected, cared for and supported when you are going through something so trying like chronic illness. In those moments alone, a ritual can be a remedy – and healing can come through a long string of intentional moments of self care. And for those who aren’t affected by chronic illness, intentional self-care is something we can all embrace to support our thriving bodies.

Recently, Dana created a companion product to Heal, and one that her customers had been begging for. Remedy Conditioning Lip Balm is an ultra-rich, universal lip treatment, like Heal for your lips. In true Beneath Your Mask fashion, Remedy is formulated for dry, peeling and chapped lips, but is oozing with luxury. It glides on like a balm, penetrates like a moisturizer and treats like a mask, delivering long lasting hydration during the day and reparative nourishment overnight. Though it’s packed with many potent oils, including moringa, babassu, cocoa and shea, its star ingredient is skin-protecting ximenia, an African plum oil that is as rich as it is rare. Remedy is packaged in a slick aluminum tube, (chic enough for her, chill enough for him), and spiked with a yuzu-and-green-mandarin essential oil blend, making it a bonafide gender-neutral beauty product.

We invite you to meet Dana in person, hear her inspiring story of recovery and experience the healing benefit of her luxury line. Follow @beautyheroes on Instagram for all workshop details, and join us on Tuesday November 12 at Beauty Heroes Novato. And if you’re as inspired as we are by Dana’s disciplined approach to wellness, leave a comment below sharing how YOU practice radical self care.


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