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About a year ago, I spoke with Annee de Mamiel about the launch of her new de Mamiel Sleep Series Collection, and as she described the sensory experience and benefits of this trio, I quickly realized it was no ordinary product launch. Annee, known for her skincare formulations, had developed a series of five products, none of which are skincare. The formulas she described were not just simple aromatherapy blends; they sounded seriously complex! To be honest, it wasn’t until after using the products that I understood Annee’s intentions—to deliver formulas that work with the subtle energy within the human body to calm the mind and soothe the senses before bedtime. Sleep evades us for different reasons at different times and rather than making one general cure-all sleep product, Annee took the time to study how stress, anxiety and restlessness can all be addressed with phytochemicals, aromatherapy and ritual.


After immersing myself in the Sleep Series Collection, I approached Annee and her team and asked if we could create a Discovery with the Sleep Series at the forefront, as I know many us would benefit from addressing the root problems of sleeplessness. de Mamiel created a luxurious set by taking three of the five most commonly needed products from the Sleep Series Collection, paired with a beautiful sleep journal to release the thoughts that fill your mind from the day. Our intention is that through this Limited Edition Discovery, the Sleep Series Collection will help you create your own wellness and bedtime ritual that results in a more restful sleep.

Annee has answered a few questions about the series. I hope you too will fall in love with this collection and understand the thought put into its development.

Instead of creating just one sleep support product, you chose five—three to support restful sleep and two to support energy throughout the day. Can you share your process and how you arrived at developing this series of products?

When formulating this range, I began by going through 10 years of patient notes and looking at and asking the question, ‘What’s keeping me awake?’, to try and get to the root causes of why we are unable to get a full night’s reparative sleep. Once I began to sift through everything, I looked at the Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and studied the imbalances. I, then, overlaid what was happening at a cellular level from a Western medicine perspective—inflammation, circadian rhythm, cortisol levels, anxiety—then, I began to study what had worked from an aromatherapy perspective. I reviewed the research, clinical studies and the blends that had proven successful and unsuccessful.

I wanted to understand a comprehensive understanding of what was happening within, looking at what the body needs to sleep well and, in a simple formula, support the body—creating a specific formulation of herbs with natural oils rich in minerals like Magnesium and Selenium—and melatonin production. The blend goes a long way in supporting the body.

Break down a few superpower ingredients in each blend, and how these ingredients support the intended purpose.

Settle is our Shen, the spirit of our heart.


  • Rose is important in this blend—its cooling nature and rich blend of Sesquiterpene Hydrocarbons and alcohols—calms the heart, cools the blood and soothes the mind.
  • Jasmine soothes the nerves, releases tension and calms general anxiety and restlessness while helping to build confidence and inner optimism, aiding us to switch off.

Anchor helps ground and soothe us when we are overwhelmed.

  • Spikenard reduces panic and deep anxiety, sedates and reduces depression, nourishes yin, and calms and balances restlessness.
  • Vetiver is deep and grounding, relaxes the mind and helps to dispel anger, irritability and centers us. It helps with excessive thinking and an inability to let go.

Rise is about being bone tired and difficulty in just getting moving.

  • Holy basil oil balances adrenals and reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Rosemary oil is dynamic and yang; it aids inner strength, self-confidence, and breaks apathy and inertia.
  • Lemon oil helps with chronic fatigue and tiredness, and it helps concentration.

Soothe is very much about controlling our indigestible and anxious thoughts.

  • Frankincense sacra is protective and cocooning, which alleviates worry and mental confusion, providing a sense of clarity, security and release.
  • Neroli is deeply relaxing, relieves chronic anxiety and calms frayed nerves into a gentle release.
  • Tagetes calms the spirit, normalizes our intentions and thoughts, clears thinking and relieves tension.

Shine is when we need a boost of brightness and optimism.

  • Pink Grapefruit helps shift physical and emotional congestion and create a better flow.
  • Neroli helps bring happiness and self-assurance through relaxation by relieving chronic anxiety.
  • Bergamot helps with stress-induced depression caused by inner fears, or lack of self-confidence and self-worth.

Is there one product in this series you think everyone should have in their routine?  

If I had to choose one, it would be Anchor, I selfishly made this one for me! Why? It helps with quality sleep and offers a feeling a restfulness.

While I love all 5 products in the series, Anchor is my Hero product. I love the unique scent of it, and it really works to help me fall asleep.

Why is Anchor made into a balm, while the other four products are roll-on? What makes it so special?

Anchor felt right to be a balm – it is cocooning and it’s the one that most men will reach for. My patients who needed it liked it most in a balm format. The scent sits better in the balm and allows us to ease back into slumber.

In our de Mamiel Limited Edition Discovery Sleep Series Collection, you included a sleep journal. How exactly do you recommend your patients use a sleep journal? Is there science behind journaling before bed?  

There is quite a lot of literature about journaling and having a place to store your thoughts so they won’t get lost in your mind and disturb your ability to switch off. This journal was created specifically to allow you to empty your mind, give gratitude for the day and reflect to close the day. It’s a great tool to write down any thoughts you might have if you wake up in the middle of the night—write them out and then fall asleep again.







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