Hidden Villain Ingredients in your Skincare: Fragrance

Scent is one of most powerful senses and while we all love when our skincare products and our skin smells good, the business behind it can be tricky.  Fragrance, listed as a one-word skincare ingredient on many products, is more often than not a concoction of many hidden ingredients, many of which are health disruptors.

Because the United States does not require cosmetics to have their ingredients reviewed or approved before being sold, the term “fragrance” can technically include anything, barring the only 11 ingredients restriced  by the FDA for use in cosmetics. As a reference, the European Union has banned over 1,100 hundred cosmetic ingredients. The ingredient listed as “Fragrance” can mask the presence of known carcinogens, hormone disruptors and other health-comprising substances.  Without a detailed list of content,  there is no way to  know what might actually be lurking behind that alluring scent. If you care about your health, look for products made by beauty companies that are voluntarily providing this information on their labels.

No matter the beauty product, from makeup to deodorant, bath salts and even sunscreen, protect your health by following these easy guidelines to eliminate hidden villain ingredients in your skincare:

  • When shopping online for skincare, if there is not an ingredient list for the  product you want to buy, DO ask for a detailed ingredient list before you buy.  A lack of transparency is generally a red flag, often indicating the presence of hidden Villain ingredients that may be categorized as fragrance.
  • Ditto on cosmetic labels. If “fragrance” is listed but undefined, it could be hiding harmful, ingredients. We suggest you play it safe and steer clear.  There are plenty of skincare lines and retailers that offer full ingredient lists on their sites.
  • When you do find a label that breaks down the ingredients in its fragrance, be vigilant and check to make sure there are no hidden Villains lurking in your skincare.


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