Indie Beauty Spotlight: Beneath Your Mask

Jillian Wright, the co-founder of Indie Beauty Expo, was the first to introduce me to Beneath Your Mask. I remember when she sent me the text message, in which she made her love for the brand clear and said she couldn’t wait to introduce me and Dana. Jillian was right, I absolutely loved Dana after the first time I met her (and you will too)! She is beautiful, warm and smart, and she just can’t help but radiate kindness to others. It’s a kindness that stems from a deep place, as a result of chronic illness, she had to learn to extend kindness and grace to herself and her body, and as a result, can’t do anything but give it to others. Dana told me about her story, her successful career in entertainment that she left after feeling that she was not living authentically, a life she lived behind a mask. She told me of her diagnosis and years-long journey with Lupus, which led her to make one product, her Hero product—Beneath Your Mask Vegan Heal Whipped Skin Soufflé that provided relief to her skin and helped it heal from the trauma she endured as a result of the illness. I fell in love with Heal instantly and then, one-by-one, I discovered the other Beneath Your Mask products—Polish, Indulge and Nourish—a collection that will inspire you to be kind to your skin and body. Meet Indie Beauty’s Wellness Advocate, Dana Jackson.

Beneath Your Mask is a memorable line, crafted of mostly organic oils and butters that indulge the skin and body, which take self-care to a whole new level. With her brand at the forefront, Dana proves that you can give back through self-care, and Dana has made it her mission to ensure women of color receive support throughout chronic illness. In the Beneath Your Mask Indie Beauty Spotlight Discovery, you’ll receive three products: Vegan Heal Whipped Skin Soufflé, Nourish Skin + Hair Serum and Polish Detoxifying Body Scrub.

Dana, The Wellness Advocate, was inspired to create safe, non-toxic and deeply nourishing products using wild-harvested botanicals to repair her skin and hair after she was diagnosed with Lupus and Lupus Nephritis. Gift the Beneath Your Mask Indie Spotlight Discovery, and Beauty Heroes will donate $2 to Hand in Hand for Lupus.

Inside the Beneath Your Mask Discovery ($139 value)


“After I was diagnosed with Lupus and Lupus Nephritis, I looked for a product to help repair the damage done to my skin and hair but found only products that contain harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and harmful toxins. I was inspired to create safe, non-irritating and non- toxic products that would not challenge the immune system by sourcing the world’s most potent, organic and wild-harvested botanicals.” 


“I created Heal Whipped Skin Soufflé in my kitchen and never intended to bring it to market. I would gift it to friends, family and clients, and they’d harass me over it for years. After purchasing an expensive cream that did not restore my skin like my homemade soufflé, I realized I had something special!”


“We gift our collection to women affected by Lupus or other autoimmune diseases quarterly. After speaking at a luncheon for Hand in Hand for Lupus, a nonprofit organization for Lupus survivors, I was so inspired by the women and their stories. We’ll donate $2 to Hand in Hand for Lupus from each Beneath Your Mask Discovery in collaboration with Beauty Heroes.”



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