Indie Beauty Spotlight: RANAVAT

There is nothing more exciting than meeting smart women with a passion to create something with purpose, integrity, and heart. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Michelle Ranavat was using her head and her heart to create something special through RANAVAT, where she combines Ayurvedic medicine with Indian botanicals for a nutrient-rich line of beauty formulas. Don’t let the exotic flowers and gold-etched bottles fool you, RANAVAT is made with potent ingredients designed to deliver results you can see on your skin (and in your hair). Inspired by tradition, and fully engaged in securing ingredients that meet the highest modern standard for purity, Ranavat’s formulas range from simple to complex, honoring tradition, and bringing its lessons into the lives of women around the world. Meet Indie Beauty’s Modern Monarch, Michelle Ranavat.

I’ve gotten to know Michelle for a little over a year now and I have slowly fallen in love with the line. At first, it was the intoxicating Jasmine Tonique – a pure jasmine hydrosol that works for everything. Second, I found myself loving the ultra-lite consistency of Mighty Majesty, a hair oil that made my hair thicker, lustrous and smooth. I saw a visible difference and got to the end of the bottle very quickly. And then, there was Radiant Rani, a saffron-infused, heady rose-scented face serum that truly feels like it was made for a queen. As I have gotten to know Michelle, I have found her to be equally passionate for ingredients and efficacy as she is for helping women feel empowered and worthy. In the RANAVATs Indie Beauty Spotlight Discovery, you’ll receive four products: Mighty Majesty Fortifying Hair + Skin Serum, Jasmine Tonique, Radiant Rani and Facial Masques.



This Modern Monarch studied the effects of traditional Indian botanicals and was so impressed with the results, she created a ritualistic range of products with sacred ingredients in the starring role. Gift the RANAVAT Indie Spotlight Discovery, and Beauty Heroes will donate $2 to Rescue Foundation.

Inside the RANAVAT Discovery ($147 value)


“I’m passionate about skin and, after researching Ayurvedic treatments, I was blown away by the effects of using traditional Indian botanicals. With my engineering background, I was inspired to create a line that was built with the ingredient first—extracted purely to keep all vitamins, minerals and skin-enhancing properties intact.” 


“I knew we had created something special when a RANAVAT Instagram follower, who was ill with breast cancer, reached out post-chemotherapy reconstruction to tell us that she had intentionally taken the Lavender Tonique with her to the hospital as part of her morning ritual. It brought me a lot of joy to know that step in her routine brought her so much happiness.”


“RANAVAT is dedicated to going beyond skincare to create a community around empowerment. “Claim Your Crown” is a platform we’ve created to spotlight and empower incredibly beautiful individuals who have faced adversity in life. We pledge 2% of proceeds to Ignite Hope, an organization that contributes to Rescue Foundation, a non-profit that rescues victims of human trafficking in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. For the next two years, we will serve Rescue Foundation, and I’m looking forward to adding more ‘empowering’ organizations to contribute to in the future.”



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