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Bio-lipophilic Matrix

As with everything, the quality of any finished beauty product is dependent on the ingredients within, and this is ever more apparent with oils. There is nothing in a face or body oil that can mask the quality. It’s paramount. You may not think about all that is considered when oil blends are formulated, like:

  • Source of the oils—is the nut, seed or fruit organic? Wild grown? Fair-trade?
  • Process in which the oils are made—how was it processed or extracted? Were chemicals involved? CO2? Heat? Cold-pressed?
  • Shelf life of the oils—when were they processed and how long are they at peak potency?

Face and body oils have recently risen in popularity for their luxurious textures, purity, and efficacy, and it might be easy to consider all oils equal. But that is certainly not the case. As I began to dig into oils, I found that research and doctors like Dr. Mariano Spiezia, founder of Inlight Beauty, allude to the fact that not all oils are created equal. Each oil benefits the skin’s appearance in a unique way, which makes Dr. Spiezia’s Bio-lipophlic Matrix® base oil blend such a treasure. Here’s what I mean…

Dr. Spiezia has spent most of his life studying botanicals and how they interact with our bodies and our skin. His studies led him to develop Inlight, a completely anhydrous skincare line. Anhydrous? Meaning: the entire line is water-free and comprised entirely of oils, plants and clays. With the understanding that different oils benefit the skin in various ways, Dr. Spiezia formulated a base oil blend that he has perfected over the years to mirror the properties of our own skin. He found that if our skin recognized the composition of the oil blend, it would readily accept the benefits of the product applied to the skin. Dr. Spiezia dubbed this base oil blend the Bio-lipophlic Matrix®, a formulation of oils that has become the base for all Inlight products. 

With ingredients of jojoba, argan, macadamia, olive, sunflower, apricot kernel, coconut, rosehip and evening primrose, the Bio-lipophilic Matrix® delivers the perfect balance of nutrients, minerals and fatty acids, which Dr. Spiezia knows to bring skin back to its appearance of optimal health, harmony and, of course, beauty. Dr. Spiezia incorporates the oil blend as the base of each and every product in the Inlight range in varying ratios. With the Bio-lipophlic Matrix® at the base of all the Inlight formulas, it is designed, through alchemy and synergistic bodies, to signal to the skin that the product is similar to the skin’s natural composition and the additional super-food nutrients can restore the appearance of the skin. Dr. Spiezia decided to put his formula to the test, and a recent clinical trial, in which individuals tested the Inlight Line Softener Intensive, found that the results were dramatic. Participants reported an increase in skin’s elasticity and a decrease in the appearance of the length, depth and number of wrinkles. Don’t belive me? Try it for yourself! Become a Beauty Heroes Member before November 20th to receive this month’s Inlight Beauty Discovery.


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