Should You Swap
Your Moisturizer
For Face Oils?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past two years, face oils are still en vogue. In the winter, they are the beauty equivalent to a cozy cashmere sweater. In the spring, they can feel as light as silk against the skin. So why do some folks still hold dear to their phobia of face oils?

Partly because of the myths surrounding face oils. Julie Elliott, founder of In Fiore, helps debunk three commonly heard fallacies of using a face oil:

1) Face oils can cause you to break out: False

Not only do so many women find them satisfyingly quench-worthy, they can be used in conjunction with your day/night moisturizers or entirely on their own. Naturally derived oils (think: rosehip, grapeseed, and jojoba oils) are considered non-comedogenic and are healthy when they’re applied to clean skin. You’ll find synthetic oils are more likely to clog up pores on most skin types.

2) Oily skins don’t need more oil: False again

It’s actually counterintuitive to use more oil as certain types (like jojoba) can help you regulate sebum production, which can prevent future breakouts and blackheads. In fact, jojoba oil is chemically similar to the sebum in human skin, and can dissolve sebum to further carry active ingredients deeper into the skin.

3) Face oils aren’t really anti-agers: Totally false

The whole concept of a wrinkle is that dry dehydrated skin will crease up and show your fine lines faster. The longer the skin stays dry, the deeper the folds will be, which is why using healthy, natural oils help keep your skin plump and taut. An oil actually contains active ingredients in much higher concentration. And, they are a purer form of what you’re probably already applying to your skin.

Julie shares her favorite tip on how to apply a face oil: “I warm five to seven drops between my fingers and massage over the entire face-neck-décolleté with gentle pressure for an immediate nourishing and vitalizing effect; followed by our Vitale Toning Floral Essence to tighten pores and lock in moisture.” One application and you’ll be hooked, too.



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