Rose Oil


Precious and exotic, rose oil in skincare is pressed from the blossoms of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena – or the slightly sweeter smelling Moroccan variety, ­Rosa Centifola. Rose oil and the hydrosol liquid released during the steam distillation process are among the most universally used skin-loving plant essences.


Rose oil is adored for its holistic effect on the skin, working to soften, hydrate, calm inflammation and prevent blemishes. This fragrant essence is easily absorbed, thanks in part to its essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, both of which strengthen the skin’s cell barriers to aid in absorbing and retaining moisture. Elements of naturally antibacterial citronellol and geraniol help prevent breakouts while an assortment of skin-essential minerals treat inflammation-related conditions, such as rosacea and eczema. Inhaling the aroma of rose oil has a therapeutic, calming effect on the nervous system which means that misting your face with rose hydrosol throughout the day is as good for your mindset as it is for your skin. Rose oil and rose hydrosol can be found in exquisite face oils, serums, eye treatments and facial masks as a super-healing ingredient for all skin types.

The Rose of Morocco, a short film by Laure Castelli, offers a view into harvesting and distilling roses, a labor of love.


  • 70% of rose oil in skincare is harvested and pressed in Bulgaria. The remainder is produced in Turkey, Iran, Morocco and France.
  • Approximately 20,000 rose petals are needed to produce a single ounce of rose oil.
  • In addition to using rose petals to make delicately fragrant rose jam, rose water (rose hydrosol) is widely used in Morocco, Turkey, Iran and Bulgaria as flavoring in drinking water and teas and in numerous traditional dishes.



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