The Best Ingredients to Detox Your Skin

Isn’t washing your face every day a detox program for your skin? Well, yes – but it’s not everything. Removing make-up and residue from the surface of skin is an important step in helping detox your skin through your pores and prevent blemishes.

Just as in a body detox, ingredients that clear the path and support your skin’s natural cleansing mechanisms – by physically removing debris from the surface and boosting circulation to stimulate removal of waste from tissues and cell regeneration – are worth incorporating into your everyday routines.

  • Clays and salts have two properties that aid in skin detoxification, the first being that they draw out and lift impurities like excess oil, dirt and bacteria and detox your skin. Second, they’re made up of minerals that have a circulation-boosting effect on skin cells, delivering fresh blood and oxygen and flushing out toxins to reveal vibrancy and energy. Look for Bentonite Clay, Red Rhassoul Clay, French Green Clay, Kaiolin Clay, Halloysite Clay and Red Alaea Sea Salt.
  • Seaweed and algae and human blood plasma have nearly the same mineral levels, making nutrient-rich algae and kelp among the most bioavailable skincare ingredients. Whether soaking in or smoothing on these extracts, skin cells readily absorb their high concentration of magnesium, calcium and potassium, nourishing cells while boosting circulation essential to the removal of waste. To find this detoxifying skin care ingredient, check labels for Laminaria Digitata/Ochroleuca and Fucus Algae.

Five Beauty Detox Ingredients


  • Activated Charcoal, with roots in Eastern medicine, is a widely recognized detoxifier whether taken internally or administered topically for its ability to absorb toxins and carry them out of the body. In skin care, highly absorbent activated charcoal, the carbon left behind after burning wood, is pulverized and added to cleansers, scrubs and masks to bind to and draw out debris, toxins and bacteria. The highest quality activated charcoal comes from burning coconut and bamboo.
  • Coffee extract, beyond being one of the best sources of topical antioxidants, supports detoxification by stimulating circulation, dilating blood vessels and eliminating water retention. Coffee extract is an effective ingredient in skin care products treating everything from under-eye puffiness to cellulite. The bonus of this super detoxifier is that in addition to boosting natural waste removal function, the antioxidants work to protect cells from further environmental damage and also rebuild collagen. You will find detoxifying coffee listed in skin care as coffea arabica and coffee bean extract.
  • Cayenne pepper is a standard ingredient in many drinkable detox elixirs, usually tempered by lemon and honey. But this well-known spice also adds a cleansing boost from the outside. When used sparingly in skin care, cayenne supercharges circulation, opens pores and stimulates blood flow, moving out impurities and leaving skin with a naturally healthy glow. Test on a small patch of skin first to make sure it can withstand the heat and take care to leave plenty of space around the eyes.


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