Introducing Free + True, Serious Skincare for the Green Gal on the Go

In our quest for what’s emerging and amazing in the world of healthy beauty, we have literally seen it all – from single SKU unicorn brands that make their mark with one very special product to intricate ranges inviting lavish, time-intensive rituals that promise transformative results. For those that meet our rigorous ingredient standards and deliver on innovation, craftsmanship and luxury, we don’t discriminate. We love them all.

When we were introduced to Free + True, we instantly knew that this brand was doing something different and right, and we dug it. This elegant and efficient brand intuitively positioned itself to sit between the single, multi-tasking product and the elaborate skincare ritual, filling a void for the skincare enthusiast who wants convenience and results in equal measure.

Formulated to “free you from unhealthy chemicals and complicated routines”, Free + True is an active skincare line inspired by the demands of an active lifestyle. The tightly edited range is ideal for those with limited time for complex rituals but demand high-performance results. With just 8 universal products for face and body, the line covers all the bases, except SPF. Each formula has been handcrafted in California using locally grown botanicals and boosted with high tech, clean ingredients, resulting in very wearable products that balance being artisanal green beauty formulas while remaining approachable and familiar for new green beauty converts. And since every product in the collection is formulated, tested and approved by a team of dedicated estheticians, the range offers more than feel-good/smell-good skin indulgence – these products truly transform the skin. 

But make no mistake, they DO smell amazing.  Free + True products have balanced scents that you’ll crave. This is definitely the case with this month’s Hero product, Body Prophet, an award-winning creamy gel serum loaded with skin-soothing, dimple-smoothing, free radical-fighting botanicals,  including sea buckthorn berry and rose flower extract to provide the appearance of toned and firmed skin. Packed with vitamins and active ingredients, this body treatment serum supports skin from neck to toe, so it’s as healthy as the rest of you.  

It’s Sidekick, Mama Pacha, is a moisture infusion cream inspired by the resilience of the Andean Goddess of fertility, and this tough mother lives up to its name. It’s infused with arctic peptides and other hardy ingredients that are known to thrive in the harshest environments, meaning they support skin resilience in harsh conditions, as well.

Both smell so good and wear so well, you may find that these become your single SKU unicorn products after all. But we invite you to experience the other products in the line, as well. Freedom Fighter Antioxidant Face Serum and Marigold Morning Creamy Gel Cleanser are included in this month’s DIY Ritual, below, and beautifully round out an effortless and universal daily skincare routine.

Here’s just one way to play:


On clean, freshly showered skin, Lather several pumps of Body Prophet onto skin, starting at the ankles and working your way up, paying special attention to any dry patches or areas that require a little firming. This gel serum will sink into skin quickly, no “dry time” necessary.


With damp fingertips, Massage 1-2 pumps of Marigold Morning into face, loosening impurities and emulsifying the cleanser into a creamy lather. Remove with warm cloth and water. Pat skin dry.


Mist freshly cleansed skin or a cotton round with Moment of Clarity. You may feel a slight tingle as skin receives the active exfoliating power of the fruit-derived alpha-hydroxy acids.


Infuse moisture with 1-2 pumps of Mama Pacha. Allow the velvety rich cream to sink into skin.


Amplify glow and seal in moisture with 1-2 drops of Freedom Fighter, if skin desires the extra reinforcement.

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