Introducing GRAYDON SKINCARE: Fan-Girling, Phyto-Retinols and a DIY Ritual

When I met Graydon Moffatt, vegan chef, yoga instructor, beauty alchemist and Founder of the Canadian superfood skincare brand, Graydon Skincare, I was flooded with FOMO. Up until that moment, I had been missing out on one of the most trend-forward founders and results-driven botanical skincare brands on the market. I quickly made up for lost time.

First, I got up close and personal with Graydon with the curiosity of a fangirl. Her perfectly paced path that led her to the present moment as the Founder of her eponymous line marries her culinary expertise, her yoga discipline and her business savvy. The result is a collection of effective plant-based skin, body and hair care harnessing concentrated superfoods, herbs, seed oils.


Then I got my hands all over her brand. The first Graydon Skincare product that grabbed my attention was this month’s Hero product, Fullmoon Serum, a calming, super light face serum infused with botanical vitamin A from the moth bean, an ingredient akin to synthetic retinol, but from a botanical source. Synthetic retinol, in varying strengths, has been studied for its ability to boost collagen production, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, increase cell turnover and give skin a smoother appearance. As usual, upon first testing Fullmoon Serum, I was skeptical but open-minded. I used it consistently and in only 3 nights I saw a noticeable difference in my skin, and a spot on my cheek that I thought was permanent faded and disappeared after a week. I was hooked.

Soon after, Graydon and I geeked out on botanical retinols and superfoods. While living in LA, she discovered that many ingredients she loved to cook with turned out to be just as effective when applied topically. She soon found herself cooking up fresh skincare recipes while also working as a yoga instructor. A big discovery was the nondescript moth bean, an Indian staple pulse – much like a lentil – that is rich with vitamin A. This became the star ingredient in her Fullmoon Serum. She also wanted to make a cream that would deliver a double dose of phyto-retinols, so she coupled the moth bean extract with a little known botanical extract from the Babchi tree called bakuchiol, another natural source for vitamin A. Featured in this month’s Sidekick, Green Cream contains a moth bean / bakuchiol synergy that doubles down on vitamin A, reducing the appearance of scarring, sun damage and fine lines without the side effects of synthetic retinol – particularly the photo-sensitizing effect – which means that you can wear Fullmoon Serum or Green Cream morning and evening if you like.

This month’s beauty Discovery delivers both of Graydon Skincare’s phyto-retinol infused, results driven products. You can use one in the morning, and one at night, or layer them if you prefer. Fullmoon Serum is so light and thin, it’s easy to wear under almost anything, it’s easy to work into most any routine. Green Cream is light, with an almost gel-like consistency. Graydon calls it a salad for your skin, and that is the perfect description, as it feels like a vitamin packed green smoothie for the face, with two phyto-retinols. It too is light, so I think of it as a treatment cream and will often layer it under an oil, cream or balm. There are so many ways to play.

In this month’s DIY Discover It Yourself Ritual I am sharing a ritual I’ve come to love, incorporating Hero products and Sidekicks old and new, along with Graydon Skincare’s Berry Rich Cream, which if Green Cream is like a salad for your face, Berry Rich is like dessert. The ritual is fresh and crisp all the way through, from the sweet lime essence in OSEA’s Ocean Cleanser to the refreshing cucumber and green tea in Siam SEAS Yen Heal and Hydrate, finishing with the aromatic nourishment of the omega-rich berry seed oils in Graydon Skincare’s Berry Rich Cream.

Here’s just one way to play:


Wet your fingers, then apply 2 pumps of OSEA Ocean Cleanser to skin. Massage into skin, taking in the subtle smell of the ocean and sweet lime, then wash away with Ikeuchi Organic Cleansing Cloth.


On damp skin, saturate skin with Siam SEAS Yen Heal and Hydrate. Spray into palms of hands, then press the aromatic skin elixir into cheeks, forehead and neck. 


Bathe skin in Graydon Skincare Fullmoon Serum. The treatment goes on light and absorbs quickly. Wait a minute or two to let the nutrients sink in.


Cool and calm skin with a light layer of Graydon Skincare Green Cream. The gel spreads and absorbs quickly. 


Anoint skin around the eyes with Lilfox Kalahari Eye Serum. The rich oil glides on easily with the rollerball. Gently tap under eyes and around orbital bone to support optimal absorption.



Honor your skin’s cravings with Graydon Skincare Berry Rich Cream, an option for those needing extra nourishment and deep penetrating moisture.



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