Jeannie Jarnot speaks
at Indie Beauty Expo

Indie Beauty Expo, known in the industry as simply iBE, has quickly evolved into one of the most exciting and engaging consumer beauty events in our industry.  Co-founded by Jillian Wright and Nader Nayemi-Rad, the event puts a spotlight on independently owned beauty brands, with clean and green brands in the lead role.  This year, Beauty Heroes Founder, Jeannie Jarnot took to the stage at Indie Beauty Expo in New York to answer the question she gets asked most often, “How do you curate the products for Beauty Heroes?”  In her keynote talk, she shares how her personal and professional experiences have converged to define to the way she discovers and appreciates her beauty products.  And in answering that question, she underscores the importance Indie Beauty brands have in shaping the evolving landscape of the beauty industry, pushing it to be one that is more conscious and connected to ingredients, ritual and self care. The face of beauty is changing rapidly, Jeannie shares, and Indie Beauty brands are driving this meaningful change. 

Watch Jeannie Jarnot at Indie Beauty Expo as she guides us through the significant milestones in her own life, shares her inspired curation process and invites us to become our own Beauty Hero.

*Photo Credit: Josh Rubin


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