2015 Vision Board

We’re on a mission to change the way you look at skincare.  As we begin a new year, I thought it only appropriate to share my vision with you, and invite you to use less and love more, be beautiful, celebrate the heroes, elevate the standard and most of all, love your face.  Hero On!

Three Plastic Bottles on Bath Cabinet Shelf isolated over whiteUse Less, Love More

My vision is that we all use less. Although it may sound counterintuitive, I created Spa Heroes to help you use fewer products, simplify your life and leave cosmetic clutter behind. I believe that quality trumps quantity. My vision is that you love each and every product you use and let go of anything you don’t.

Mom Is Looking Lovingly At Her DaughterSmart Is Beautiful

My vision is to make it easy for you to make smart skincare choices. Spa Heroes is unique in having defined toxic villain ingredients that will never be found in any of the products we select. (And you find them anytime in our free Ingredient Pocket Guide). I hear all the time that parents are vigilant about the safety and quality of product they use on their kids. Yet, it’s just as important for mothers, you, the whole family to use safe products that make health a priority.

Laurel_Farm_126_gallery(Photo: Laurel Shaffer creator of Laurel Whole Plant Organics)

Celebrate The Heroes

Making safe and effective skincare is an art form, and just as making great wine involves nature, science, and talent, so does great skincare. We celebrate and support the formulators who bottle their passion into products that are more than non-toxic; they are healthy for your skin. My vision is that by introducing you to the people making these hero products, you’ll be more connected to what you put on your skin and find healthy selections that you love.

Woman Receiving a MassageElevate The Standard

My vision is that you demand that all of the products you put on your body are toxin-free. This is a process that can include inspecting your cosmetic cabinet to check the ingredients in the products you have and inquiring about the ingredients in products used in spa and skincare treatments. Remember, cosmetic ingredients are unregulated by the FDA, so it’s up to you to make smart skincare choices.

Woman Hiking In Autumn Forest TrailLove Your Face

My vision is that we embrace our natural beauty and resist compromising health in pursuit of a youthful or otherwise desirable appearance. I want the Spa Heroes community to feel great in their skin, admire their complete and absolute beauty and Hero On into 2015!

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Hero Up!

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