At the beginning of this year I posted a Spa Heroes Vision Board for 2015, and at the top of the list I outlined my wish to help our customers “Use Less.” Although it may sound counterintuitive, I created Spa Heroes to help you use fewer products, simplify your life and leave cosmetic clutter behind.

As a whole, we are using more products and chemicals on our bodies than ever before and I know first hand what it’s like to have a bathroom full of bottles that are going unused (at times unopened), past their expiration date and full of chemicals. I used to be a complete product junkie. It was a process for me to simplify my skin care routine. Even now, it takes consistent discipline for me to only add products to my collection that I know I’m really going to Use, and really going to Love.

Jeannie Jarnot_Spa HeroesThrough this process, I also came to see that my over-supply of beauty products was not in line with my values about the environment. By overstocking my bathroom cabinets, I was contributing a lot of waste. And as I learned about all the harmful toxins that are found in a lot of these products, the act of buying them was effectively supporting the the making of products that were not only detrimental to mine and my family’s heath, but also the health of the planet. Now I really Love my beauty products More than ever because I know they’re safe and healthy to use.

I believe we need to be using fewer, healthier products to get beautiful results on our skin, hair and bodies. I believe that quality trumps quantity. My vision is that you Love each and every product you use and let go of anything you don’t.

Whether you decide to get your products from Spa Heroes or any other healthy source, this Earth Day, may you be inspired to Use Less, Love More.

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As a sneak peek to our next Hero Product Announcement, we’re letting you know that May’s delivery will be a collection of cleaner than clean Hair Care products. We use shampoo and conditioner every day and usually don’t give much thought to what we might be washing down the drain and into our water system. May’s featured hair care line uses only organic and biodynamic plant extracts in high-performance formulations that don’t contribute toxins to the environment before, during or after you enjoy them. If you’d like to subscribe to Spa Heroes today, Earth Day, please enter code EARTHDAY to get your first month for only $29, a $10 savings. If you’re already a subscriber, use this code to give a Spa Heroes gift or share this with someone you know who cares about the earth. Use less. Love Mother Earth more.


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