LILFOX Introduces The Couture Collection

This summer, LILFOX, the brand synonymous with green beauty luxury, decadent aromatic rituals and coquette whimsy introduces their newest skincare series, appropriately titled the LILFOX Couture Collection. The debut includes two layering pieces that elevate the line with carefully selected and sourced high potency active Vitamin C and botanical Vitamin A chosen by formulator Alexis Rose for their results found in clinical studies and in her own rigorous testing. To me, LILFOX has always married experience and function seamlessly, but these two new additions take us all to new heights.

LILFOX Haute C weaves the clinical with the botanical, blending tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate – tetra-C for short – ferulic acid and niacinamide with organic Kakadu plum, camu camu and sodium hyaluronate. Alexis chose Tetra C for its supreme stability, and was impressed with the clinical studies that showed that Tetra C was proven to improve skin’s appearance of collagen synthesis, reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and, get this, aggressively reduce blemishes, making Haute C a Hero product for aging skin and particularly helpful for anyone experiencing adult acne. She added Ferulic acid to boost the antioxidant potency in the formula and niacinamide to support the function of the skin barrier as well as its ability to regulate sebum production. Layer Haute C into your skincare ritual in the morning for long-lasting free radical protection and a visually plumped appearance. Layer Haute C into your evening ritual to repair skin while you sleep and wake up to a brighter looking complexion.

LIFOX Dewy Bean Dream, the second layering piece in the LILFOX Couture Collection, is intended to help smooth skin texture and bring vitality and bounce to dull, tired skin. The luminous jelly mask blends dew bean (also known as moth bean), a protein and Vitamin A-rich legume that can replace synthetic retinol with a trilogy of niacinamide, lactic and glycolic acid that work over night to gently lift away dry and inspire cellular turnover. The actives expertly are blended with organic aloe, bamboo, gotu kola and two types of hyaluronic acid to plump the appearance of skin while you slumber. Wear this layer as an overnight sleep mask as often as you wish, it’s that gentle, and you will be rewarded with the results instantly and over time. Layer three to four pumps over Haute C or your favorite hydrating serum and allow to set for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, mist lightly with your favorite hydrosol, like Mystic Awakening or Aphrodite, and press in a few drops of LILFOX Prickly Pear Illuminating Serum a few minutes before bed.

Beauty Heroes is proud to exclusively launch the LILFOX Couture Collection and continue our years-long love affair with Alexis Rose and her creations. This June, as you receive this discovery, we encourage you to put the couture collection to the test and take the Couture Collection Challenge. Take a photo of your skin each week to capture the brightening power of this month’s Discovery and share on Instagram for a chance to win this entire collection.

Here are two ways to play:


 LILFOX Cupu-Cool


Deeply cleanse skin with Cupu Cool, a gel-to-balm hybrid that purifies and moisturizes at once. For heaps of hydration, let it sit on skin for a few moments before rinsing clean.

LILFOX Mystic Awakening


Generously mist Mystic Awakening on freshly cleansed skin, and around your aura. Let dry.



Sweep skin with a thin layer of Haute C, ensuring coverage on high elevation areas that are most prone to sun damage and age spots, like cheekbones, nose, and forehead.

LILFOX Prickly Pear


Enhance potency and luxury of your SPF or foundation with a few drops of Prickly Pear Face Nectar. The lightweight oil will boost skin’s dew factor and provide daylong antioxidant support.


LILFOX Amazon After Dark


Melt away the day with Amazon After Dark, an exotic cleansing balm that transforms into a rinsable cleansing milk with just a splash of water, leaving a light layer of nourishing oil to lock in moisture.   

LILFOX Jungle Glow


Generously lather Jungle Glow on freshly cleansed skin and let this glow-giving polish and mask get to work. Honey enzymes dissolve dead skin cells while clay and raw cacao synergize to stimulate circulation. Rinse.

LILFOX Dewy Bean Dream


Press skin with a thin layer of Dewy Bean Dream. The jelly-like texture softens into a light dew and ultimately absorbs completely overnight.


Set skin before bedtime with a light mist of Mystic Awakening. The hydrosols activate the mask and hydrate the skin before slumber.

Pro tip: give skin a bedtime boost with a layer of Haute C right before applying the mask.    

Discover. Share. Win!

Join us for the Couture Collection Challenge. Take a photo of yourself each week to capture the brightening power of this month’s Discovery for the next month and share for the chance to win this entire collection. #DIYHerogram #CoutureCollectionChallenge



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