Madame Fox’s
LILFOX Beauty Ritual

Since discovering LILFOX, I’ve had the biggest green beauty crush on the brand and everything that Alexis Rose, Founder of LILFOX, puts into the world. This line is unique in its sophistication, balance, efficacy and aromatics. I met Alexis in Miami three years ago and, ever since, we can’t help but talk about the potency and importance of aromatherapy and fresh ingredients, which she sources from small producers with whom she has forged personal relationships. She’s passionate about her work and sharing the word about green beauty with others. In fact, you might recall back in 2017, Alexis taught us about the scent receptors that are present throughout our bodies, not just in our nose.

If you love luxurious, earthy and decadent organic aromatics, then you are ready to fall in love with LILFOX, if you haven’t already done so. This Discovery marks our third collaboration with Alexis, featuring her Hero product the Prickly Pear Seed Illuminating (and tourmaline-infused) Beauty Nectar made with sustainably sourced prickly pear seed and fruit oil from Morocco. This serum is unique and powerful, comprised of 88% fatty acids, which work to drastically improve the appearance of wrinkles, inflammation and acne scars.

In this ritual, Alexis, aka Madame Fox shows us just how she gets her radiant glow. Follow along!

I love to start my aromatic beauty ritual with a clean canvas—I remove any mascara and makeup with the Camomilla-infused makeup remover. I apply a dime-sized amount of the Amazon After Dark Melty Jungle Cleansing Balm, as I apply, I take my time to enjoy the Madagascan rose geranium and revitalizing rosemary aroma. I gently massage into skin to remove any dirt from the day, and then remove with a steamy damp cloth. I like to leave the cloth over my face for a moment to further activate the oils and butters before wiping my face clean.

My skin in now ready for the Chlorophyll + Tourmaline Brightening Mask. I love to mix a few drops of the Prickly Pear Beauty Nectar or Cupu-Cool Jelly Balm with a small amount of water when mixing the mask to help extend the treatment length and prevent the mask from drying as quickly on my face. This mask is a power house as it not only clarifies and minimizes pores with French green sea clay, but it also detoxifies with organic chlorella and spirulina. These algae powders deliver instant micro-circulation for our signature, Radiant Fox glow. I leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes, occasionally misting my face with our crystal infused toning mist to keep the mask damp before removing with a steamy damp cloth.

Now that my skin is clean and bright, I generously mist 5 pumps of a crystal infused toning mist, like the Aphrodite or Sandalo so my face is saturated. This is the hydration step in my beauty ritual. Now is time for the Prickly Pear Illuminating Tourmaline Infused Beauty Nectar. I take 3-5 drops in the palm of my hand, rub together and gently massage into my skin for at least 1 minute. Jasmine, sandalwood, Italian bergamot and green cactus aromatics intoxicate my senses and I love to take a few deep breathes while massaging. I follow with more toning mist to lock in moisture and assist with absorption.

Last, the eyes and lips! I apply one swipe of the Kalahari Brightening Eye Serum which has a base of prickly pear seed and African watermelon oil with an addition of green coffee bean oil, gotu kola, olive squalene and horsetail extracts to strengthen and tighten the delicate under eye area. The peridot crystal’s magic helps your skin and heart receive botanical healing.

I finish my beauty ritual with a little bit of the Gelsomino Jasmine Luxury Lip Butter to moisturize and plump lips. My skin is radiant and I hope yours is too, Madame Fox.


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