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Master Class 2018 was a day-long immersion into the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and scientific aspects of clean beauty. Hear from eight notable founders as they share their passion and purpose, as well as their personal and professional triumphs, discoveries, setbacks and insights they experienced on the road to building a green beauty brand.

Meet the Masters

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High Vibe Beauty:
Meditation and Inspiration


max and me

By tuning into the underlying energetic nature of all living things, Max and Tanja, founders of the holistic, high-vibe, award winning skincare brand, max and me, take skincare beyond organic to the next level, with plant materials that boast a very high and rare level of vibrancy. In this inspiring, interactive, vibrant Master Class, discover how you can transform the way your skin looks, and change your whole world, too. Expect guidance, meditation, experiential information, tools and rituals to raise your vibrations, open your spaces within and draw abundant strength from your core.

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Slow Farmed Beauty:
From Source to Bottle


Laurel Skin

Explore botanical beauty sourcing through 3 lenses:  Sustainability, Science and Heart.  Join Laurel Shaffer, the pioneer of slow farmed beauty, to discuss why we should care as consumers about the details of sourcing ingredients and where those ingredients come from.  How ingredients are sourced can have a large impact positively or negatively on our Earth.  All aspects of an ingredient’s source, handling and processing also determine its chemical profile, which in turn tells us how effective an individual ingredient can be.  And lastly discover why having a heart to heart connection with the farmers and artisans who grow or make these ingredients with our wellness in mind can positively impact many aspects of our lives.

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Making The Shift.
Green ‘Beauty’ is only the beginning


Josh Rosebrook Skin and Hair Care

There is a shift in consciousness, we can all feel it.  The natural, green beauty movement is exciting and necessary, but it’s only the beginning.  Having witnessed how switching to truly natural skin and hair care has facilitated a deeper shift in awareness and consciousness in his clients, Josh Rosebrook teaches us how green beauty is an access point to a new movement and a heightened mindfulness of our health, work and the environment, and why we must keep moving forward.

Play Jeannie Jarnot's Video

The Making of a Conscious Company:
Using Less Starts with Love.


Beauty Heroes

In this short class Jeannie shares the guiding principles behind the practice of Using Less and Loving More, and it all begins with love. Learn how Jeannie set out to work and live more sustainably and how the lessons she has learned have shifted and shaped her personally. Jeannie shares easy and practical ways you can apply the principles of Use Less. Love More. in your day-to-day life to live from a place of love for yourself, the planet and each other.

Play Dr. Sarah Villafranco's Video

The Power to Live the Joyous, Healthy Life You Desire. That’s What.



We’ve been trained to look to the experts for our health, forgetting sometimes that we are the only true experts on what it’s like to live in our bodies and minds. Let’s explore what’s making you happy, and what you’d like to change, and take a look at all the tools you have available to achieve your goals. (Hint: you have all the tools you need already.) Join Osmia founder, Dr. Sarah Villafranco, and uncover your own power to create wellness in your daily life, from physical health to mental peace and clarity.

Play Joanne Starkman's Video

A Journey to Inner Beauty:
Love Your Hair, Love Yourself.


Innersense Organic Beauty

Connect with and fall in love with your hair. Learn how co-creation, self-love, self-care and trusting your Innersense will guide you to a deeper connection with your hair and ultimately yourself. Joanne Starkman, co-founder of Innersense Organic Beauty, is an energy-healer, hair stylist and mother of a special needs young adult. In this Master Class, Joanne gently guides you through a journey of self-discovery, self-care and self-love.

Play Krysia Boinis's Video

Natural Beauty – A Journey of Self Acceptance that is ‘Lit from Within’


Vapour Organic Beauty

What is beauty and how can we cultivate it, and then express it outward? Krysia Boinis, founder of Co-Founder of Vapour Organic Beauty, discusses foundational practices that promote self acceptance through self care; including choices we make around food, water, rest, exercise, meditation, intention setting and beliefs about ourselves and others, and she asks the question, “where does makeup fit into a health and wellness focused lifestyle?” She explores makeup as an empowering personal choice and vehicle for self love, self expression and joy.

Play Kapua Browning's Video

Traditional Hawaiian Healing
with the Spirit of ALOHA


Honua Skincare

In Hawaiian culture, traditions run deep. Kapua Browning, founder of Honua Skincare, takes us into the heart of traditional Hawaiian healing and demonstrates how powerful remedies can be used internally and topically for a truly holistic approach to wellness. You’ll discover native Hawaiian botanicals and their benefits while your mind and heart expand with the message of ALOHA. The Master Class, and the day, ends with a special performance by Kapua herself.


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