Maya Chia The Refresh Mint: The Hits Keep Coming

In our modern world of over-saturation an abundance of options and short attention span, it’s important to me that we stay connected to our values of conscious consumption. Rather than always introduce only new brands, I often fall back on a tried-and-true (and somewhat outdated) virtue: when I find a good thing, I stick with it. It should come as no surprise that I often return to a brand we’ve featured before in our Monthly Discovery. Such is the case with Maya Chia. This month, as we celebrate the brand’s third Hero product Maya Chia The Refresh Mint, I’m confident you will understand why Maya Chia is a brand that I simply can’t get enough of.

With only 11 products, the Maya Chia is tightly edited, yet comprehensive. Each formula features unique ingredient profiles, textures and aromatics, and each product is designed to layer with the others. There’s not one single product that feels superfluous – each one feels like a Hero in its own right.

The first product I fell in love with was The Super Couple. The brilliant orangey-red blend of supercritical chia seed extract and astaxanthin works miracles on my skin and remains in my regular rotation years after discovering it.  I would have been satisfied to let The Super Couple stand on its own as the brand’s only Hero product, but Maya Chia is not a one-hit-wonder.

The Eye Achiever was the second Hero product we featured, and still holds a special place on my vanity. Over the last years, I have tried every product from the brand and have come to expect nothing but excellence, performance and luxury. When Founder Suzanne Norwitz shared that she was working on a new product innovation, I knew it would be wildly popular, and a new Hero. The name alone says it all – The Refresh Mint Resurfacing Moisture Mask.  I wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look at Suzanne’s product development process, so I headed to Maya Chia HQ in Charleston, South Carolina, to witness her process up close and personal.

In planning my trip, I invited our Brand Ambassadors, Lisa with This Organic Girl, Molly with Maison Pur and Jessica with Bare Beauty to visit Suzanne together. What began as a casual meeting turned into an afternoon of on-site holistic facials by one of the best estheticians in Charleston, Brittney Hancock, and a full-blown aromatherapy blending ‘event’. We left Suzanne with over thirty different blends, and ultimately Suzanne tweaked to perfection, landing on the clean cool, slightly sweet scent that is in the formula today.

While in Charleston, Lisa, Molly and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Jessica’s new venture, an innovative clean and holistic nail salon called The Water Room. After the purest manicure I’ve ever received, the four of us sat down to discuss all things Maya Chia. In this video, the ladies share their Hero products and the specific ways they incorporate them into their daily routine.



This month, we invite you to discover Maya Chia The Refresh Mint, a tingly retexturing treatment that transforms a lackluster complexion into glowing, plump and hydrated skin. This wintergreen mask rounds out the line, making Maya Chia one of the most comprehensive facial lines we carry. Because the line is designed to work together and is easy to layer, we’ve crafted a complete Maya Chia  DIY Ritual.

Here’s just one way to play:


with The Great Cleanse, an oil-based cleanser that serves as both makeup remover and wash. For stubborn makeup, or just to enjoy it again, cleanse twice. Extend your cleansing strokes to the neck and chest.


The Optimist just once to scent the skin and give it a touch of priming hydration.


a thin layer of Maya Chia The Refresh Mint from the chest, up the neck and towards the forehead. Allow 15 minutes to dry. Rinse with a saturated warm Ikeuchi Wash Cloth.

Mist, then Press

The Optimist into the skin liberally, followed by 3-6 drops of The Super Couple. Roll with your favorite gemstone roller.


The Eye Achiever under each eye and tap in with ring finger.

Get Extra

penetrating nourishment by misting again with The Optimist and massaging a pea size of The Super Blend pressed serum.


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