Meet STAMBA: The Brand To Lead The Whole Food Awakening

It’s the oldest cliche in the book, but it’s never been more true: We are what we eat. And what we’ve been eating, at least for the last several decades, has left many Americans undernourished, overweight and suffering from chronic conditions, from fatigue to auto-immune diseases to diabetes. As life force is depleted from our agriculture due to mass farming and the use of pesticides, our life force has diminished along with it. Simply put, comparing an apple from a hundred years ago to an apple today is not an apples-to-apples comparison.

For most of us, this is not news. We’ve been keenly aware of the perils of big agriculture and our failing food system for some time now, and we’ve sought refuge and vital replenishment in local farmers’ markets, grocery co-ops and Whole Foods. We only purchase organic, we frequent farm-to-table style eateries and we’ve likely cut out the usual suspects from our daily diets: sugary drinks, refined and overly processed food and anything with high fructose corn syrup. And we know how lucky we are to have the knowledge and resources so readily available to us. This is a common path to food awakening: disbelief and disappointment in our current system, resolve to change our own behavior and deep gratitude for improved health and access to healthier choices.

For Asa Siegel, his awakening came early and with great intensity. Raised on a commune in Berkeley, he formed a deep connection and respect for the land at an early age, working as an assistant organic farmer. Farm-to-table was not a trend, it was his livelihood, and he enjoyed the obvious benefits that came with such a lifestyle: vitality, energy and perfect health.

He experienced his 20’s like many Americans: a college undergrad enjoying late nights, fast and processed foods, and a general departure from the healthy lifestyle of his youth. Ailments set in; slowly at first, and then with the unmistakable force of a body in decline. Dubious diagnoses marked his decade: chronic fatigue, leaky gut and prostate issues, all before his 30th birthday. It was a call many of us hear but few of us answer: the call to reclaim your health.

Luckily for Asa, and now the world, he heeded this call, and committed to recapturing his health at all costs. (And we mean AT ALL COSTS.) Years of Ayurvedic treatments, Panchakarma detoxes, kinesiology and saliva tests and complex regimens of traditional herbal supplements set him back on track but set him back financially as well. While there isn’t a price tag we can put on our health, the financial impact motivated him to find more sustainable ways to maintain his health long term. What started out as a path to his recovery became his road to success. Asa began testing different combinations of traditionally revered whole foods in powder and freeze-dried form, including maca, cordyceps, turmeric and reishi, to help boost his immune function, balance his digestion, stabilize his moods and sustain healthy energy levels. In 2009, he had created his first successful synergy of whole foods in capsule form. It was the birth of what would later be called STAMBA DAILY.

Asa’s most recent decade looked and felt a lot different than his 20’s. After completing his nutritional training at Institute for Integrative Nutrition and dedicating his career to creating the highest quality whole foods supplements in the world, Asa has become an expert in whole food synergies, soil potency, optimal delivery and maximum bioavailability from the foods and supplements we consume.

Today, he has managed to bottle his vast knowledge in bamboo-capped, refillable glass jars wearing the brand name STAMBA, a range of foundational wellness products designed for everyone, every day.

As beauty and wellness become increasingly interconnected, ingestible products are on the rise, along with consumer confusion. (Isolates vs. whole foods? Single ingredients vs. synergies? Powders vs. tinctures? Am I supposed to feel anything?)  STAMBA takes the complexity out of supplementation with a universal range of four products that feature targeted blends of living or freeze-dried whole food synergies developed for maximum bioavailability. This month, Beauty Heroes releases a Limited Edition Wellness Discovery featuring DAILY and REPLENISH, a duo that benefits all bodies every day with enzymatic antioxidants, medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens and pre-and probiotics.

DAILY is your prescription for continuous vitality. Formulated with the prebiotic power of turmeric, ginger and yacon root, the adaptogenic benefits of cordyceps, maca, chaga and reishi, and the antioxidant support of tetra Superoxide Dismutase, potent marine plankton, this comprehensive synergy works to bring the body into balance and maintain homeostasis in the face of daily stress. It is the foundation of the STAMBA brand, and Asa recommends it as a foundation for optimal health, delivering the highest quality and perfect balance of nutrients to round out a healthy, whole food-based diet.

REPLENISH will quickly replace your powder capsule probiotic. Formulated for maximum bioavailability, rapid absorption and lasting potency, this alkaline water-based full spectrum blend of probiotic strains is clinically proven to balance the microbiome in the gut, leading to improved nutrient absorption, mood and radiance. The genius in this blend is its liquid delivery system. The strains of probiotics were cultivated on organic greens and thrive in hydrophilic environments. Unlike strains cultivated in the lab which need refrigeration to stay fresh, REPLENISH’s water base replicates the strains’ native environment, allowing them to thrive on shelf, no fridge necessary. 

We are what we eat, and we were designed to eat whole plants that confer the full range of benefits our bodies need to thrive. And, the good news is that the planet still provides this for us, in abundance. Through globalization, we have access to a vast variety of plants, herbs and mushrooms that our ancestors would have had to travel months and thousands of miles to find. But, in this day and age, with chronic stress pouring in from our environment and the demands of our daily lives, even the most conscientious consumer needs to supplement what may be missing, or depleted, from their diet. This is where whole food supplementation comes in. It’s not a replacement for a healthy diet, but rather a daily addition to help fill in the gaps, increasing a body’s baseline steadily over time.


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