RANAVAT: The New Royals

2020 is here, and it brings the promise of a fresh start. While every new year signals new beginnings, this year feels especially auspicious. Maybe because it’s the start of a new decade, or because it’s an election year. All we know is that we’re more inspired than ever to bring new brands and fresh concepts to our community, to push forward on the matters that matter, and to challenge the status quo in search for what is better and bluer for our planet.

So we start 2020 with an unlikely Hero product from a brand we’ve long loved. We first introduced you to RANAVAT last winter with our Indies Discovery. You may remember my interview with Michelle Ranavat where she shared her passion for ingredient sourcing and her devotion to creating the most regal Ayurvedic beauty rituals. Michelle’s aesthetic is unparalleled – from her formula’s scents and textures to the smallest detail in the brand’s design, Michelle has defined a new standard of luxury for Ayurvedic-centered brands.

When Michelle shared she was working on a new formulation to round out her treatment focused line, I wasn’t expecting a cleanser. But in our Northern California headquarters, she revealed a lovely rose-hued sustainable tube filled with the creamiest cleanser I’ve felt and I knew this was not an ordinary face soap. Luminous Ceremony Cream Cleanser is a balmy cream that features a new functional Ayurvedic herb, manjistha, which has traditionally been used to increase circulation and stimulate lymph flow. A cousin of coffee, Michelle blends organic manjistha with skin-softening sesame oil and organic rose for a decadent, emulsifying cleanser that rinses away clean without stripping or leaving a film. Skin simply feels clean, nourished and vital. And while a cleanser doesn’t often reach Hero status here at Beauty Heroes, Luminous Ceremony is more than qualified. We believe it will not only prove itself as the best woman for the job but may just become your favorite cleanser in history.   

And because RANAVAT is rooted in ritual, we couldn’t let the Hero fly solo this month. Instead, we complement it with two Sidekicks that can stand on their own as daily staples. Award-winning Radiant Rani Brightening Facial Serum is already clean beauty royalty. An exquisite brightening treatment crafted with 5% precious saffron, Himalayan cherry, lotus seed, sesame seed oil, turmeric, mustard, bay leaf, licorice and manjistha, this treatment brightens skin, fades dark spots and encourages cellular renewal with its blend of 18 certified organic oils. When I first used Radiant Rani, I noticed results in a matter of days. Today, it’s a staple serum that I apply all over at night and on my neck and chest during the day. The aroma is unusual – an exotic blend of saffron, rose and spices that are warming, with notes of vetiver, a grounding scent that I’ve always been partial to.

And, there’s no RANAVAT ritual that doesn’t include the essence of jasmine. RANAVAT’s certified organic Jasmine Tonique Hydrating Mist is one of my favorite face mists and one of our only single-ingredient products at Beauty Heroes. This carefully sourced and processed jasmine hydrosol from India needs nothing added; it’s perfect on its own. For more on the benefits of jasmine on the skin, minds and emotions head here.

Together, these three products complete a daily regimen that is regal enough to turn routine into ritual.  This month, we invite you to give it a try. Our RANAVAT Ritual features all three products featured in this month’s Discovery, plus a few more we encourage you to try.

Here’s just one way to play:


Mighty Majesty the night before washing your hair with 3-4 drops along your scalp – from back to front – in each section or part. Then, massage the oil with your fingertips. Take a moment for yourself and breathe in the scent.


a dime-size amount of Luminous Ceremony Cream Cleanser into damp skin and gently massage in circular motions across forehead, nose, cheeks and chin to remove makeup and buildup. Splash warm water to rinse skin clean. Pat dry. 


skin with Jasmine Tonique, the single ingredient mist that works as a toner after cleansing, primer before treatment and makeup-setter and refresher.


several drops of Radiant Rani into freshly misted face, neck and décolleté, and indulge skin in another layer, if you’re feeling decadent. The saffron based oil absorbs quickly and nourishes deeply. Ensure skin feels dewy to the touch.


over the serum with the circulation-boosting, plumping, detoxifying Kansa Wand, an ancient tool for modern times. Note that with use, a grey effect appears on the skin. This is a sign that skin is detoxing by releasing acids that interact with the metal tip of the wand. Simply rinse with water or gently pat with a warm damp cloth.

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