Set Your New Year’s ‘Skintentions’

When Jane Scrivner first shared her philosophy for results-driven skincare, you could say I was left feeling inspired. She had a way of systematically breaking down the steps to effective skincare, while sharing the ‘why’, and educating on the importance of understanding the skin’s structure and the role of each step in our skincare routine. I was instantly drawn to her line. I loved it! While Jane Scrivner was new to me, as soon as Beauty Heroes launched the line, I realized that there were a ton of Jane Scrivner fans who had already fallen in love with her luxurious formulas that work together to simply, and completely, deliver everything your skin needs. As I’ve gotten to know Jane and work with her, I’m beginning to believe she’s actually my skincare fairy godmother. With her experience as a long-time spa professional, facialist and international educator, she can demystify any skincare challenge with just the wave of her healing hand.

At the end of 2018, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Jane at her headquarters in Stratford on Avon, in the English countryside. She took me through her 5-A-Day Skincare Routine in person, with a supportive (and entertaining) voice, and the results did not disappoint. She took the time to apply each of the five products—Cleansing Balm (Nourish Cleanser), Skinfoliate, Bioluronic Buzz, Skin Elixir, and OO Cream, using her Fluffy Cleansing Mitts. In no time, I had clean, smooth, hydrated and nourished (and glowing) skin! After discovering and using her 5-A-Day Skincare Routine, it quickly became obvious why she has amassed a following of skincare devotees from around the world.

This year, I challenge you to set aside time for yourself, for your skincare ritual. Allow yourself time this year to set new skincare intentions, ‘skintentions’, if you will. I’m excited for you to discover Jane Scrivner skincare in this month’s Discovery, featuring our Hero, Cleansing Balm, accompanied by two fluffy Cleansing Mitts, and Sidekick OO (Over Oil) Cream.

If you’re used to rushing through the obligatory cleansing step to get to the good stuff—you know, the luxurious masks and serums and oils—you’ll be rethinking your priorities after experiencing Jane Scrivner’s Cleansing Balm, the first step in the 5-A-Day Skincare Routine. With one tiny scoop of this golden, buttery balm, your skin’s natural moisture levels will instantly be replenished as it effortlessly lifts and removes makeup, with its delicate floral aroma.

Sidekick OO Cream, the last step in the 5-A-Day Skincare Routine and a Hero product in its own right, is intended to be applied over face oil or serum to lock in nutrients and moisture. Argan oil and vitamin E work together to protect the skin from outside agents as aloe vera, vitamin A and linoleic acid work together with betulinic acid to nourish while enhancing skin tone and clarity. It’s beautifully natural orange color from rosehip and irresistible scent will not only calm the skin, but also soothe your senses.

Watch as Jane takes us through the steps, and application, of her 5-A-Day Skincare Routine.


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