Annie Tevelin
and her Hero, v2.0

A distinguishing factor of Indie Beauty brands is that more often than not, products are formulated based on the founders’ personal values. SkinOwl Founder Annie Tevelin so perfectly demonstrates this in the relaunch of her Hero product, Beauty Drops PM.  When Annie discovered the high quality extract of Mangosteen that was not only the solution to Annie’s persistent acne, but also the catalyst for her entire brand, was no longer sustainable, she came to a cross roads; source a different quality of Mangosteen or go back to the drawing board. She persisted, and through an unwavering commitment to quality, efficacy and sustainability, she came across a new superfruit called Maqui berry, and her Hero, v2.0 was born. 

 I’ll admit, when Annie told me that she would be completely re-formulating her Hero product, I was surprised.  We had heard from so many that this skin-rejuvenating face oil had become a staple in their beauty ritual, and one they could share with their husband or partner and their teens. Admittedly nervous, Annie mustered up the courage to release an update to her beloved Hero, now featuring Maqui berry harvested in Patagonia by the Mapuche Indians, known for valuing their privacy and indigenous customs.  The update doesn’t have that same “face candy” scent that we’ve come accustomed to, but the Maqui berry boasts more than 10 times the ORAC value of Mangosteen, for even more antioxidant protection than the original. 

 I recently flew to L.A. and sat with Annie as she shared her courageous ingredient journey. The truth is, not all such challenges end in triumph, and we felt it was important that our Tribe hear firsthand about the challenges natural beauty formulators encounter when sourcing scarce indigenous ingredients, and what can happen to a brand when supply suddenly runs out. It’s a lesson in perseverance, and we’re delighted to be supporting Annie in the launch of her Hero v2.0.


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