Aromatherapy on the road

Road warriors would be wise to count on aromatherapy to ease themselves through time zones and the stress of travel, whether for business, pleasure or to visit family.

This ancient art relies on pure essential oils extracted from flowers, stems, roots, fruits, leaves or bark. While each has its own aromatic traits and unique health effects, most are anti-bacterial by nature. Traveling with a vial of your favorite oil is useful not only to lace a bath with a familiar scent but also to treat breakouts or rashes.

If getting into a healthy sleep pattern is tricky for you, aromatherapy may help resolve that problem. Essence of Vali has developed a mellowing blend specifically designed to enhance shuteye, appropriately called Sleep. The mix of marjoram, ylang ylang, lavender and cedarwood is the stuff of dreams. Available as massage oil, diffusing oil, skin balm and pillow mist, Sleep makes the end of the day even more appealing.

Both practical and portable, the aromatherapy transdermal patches by Naturopatch effectively deliver essential oils directly into the skin and blood stream. Whether carried in your purse or kept at your desk in their convenient, Altoids-style tin, each blend delivers a specific therapeutic remedy. My favorite is Soothing Geranium and Rose PMS and Menopause but any and all of these curative patches come handy to treat aches and pains, cold symptoms and headaches.

Knowing how powerful fragrance is to our brain’s memory centers, don’t be surprised to detect a subtle scent the next time you arrive in a spa or hotel lobby. On arrival at The Carmel Valley Ranch, in Carmel, California, guests are met by the subtle diffusion of local lavender, sage and oak moss essential oils in a blend developed by Ajne, a local aromatherapy company. The proprietary scent not only helps transition people to a slower, downtime pace but also creates a scent memory of the resort. Talk about subtle.


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