Speaking The Skin’s Language

Ever marvel at the wholly regenerative capabilities of most plants and vegetables? Their miraculous ability to not only heal completely from a cut, but to fully regrow a stem and birth a new bud or fruit, is something that scientists have been trying to replicate in humans for decades.  To some extent, we have this regenerative ability as well. When we cut our finger, let’s say, blood clots, skin seals back up, and nary a scar remains. But, as of yet, advances in biotechnology haven’t revealed how we can fully regrow a limb. In this way, plants have a unique advantage over humans: they regenerative capabilities that go beyond damage repair. Plant stem cells offer complete reproductive superpowers.    

It shouldn’t be all that shocking to learn that the secret to longevity is hardcoded in plants. But, what is somewhat surprising, and more than a little humbling, is that we humans are a bit stumped on how to leverage the full potential of plant intelligence for our own benefit. Scientists are eagerly studying the extraordinary promise of plant stem cells in skincare. The billion dollar question is how to best deliver them topically so that LIVE stem cells effectively penetrate the cell wall. (Note that any skincare brand currently marketing the use of stem cells is actually using an active extract, not the live stem cell.) As of today, this is an unsolved mystery, but Anna Buss, Founder of Fitglow Beauty, is on the case.

Anna, an athlete who suffered from a life threatening car crash four years ago, has had plenty of opportunity to study how the body can recover from trauma. Her own healing journey informed the R&D of Fitglow, a 10-year experiment with doctors and chemists to refine evidence based, botanical formulas that go beyond the top layer to activate and nourish skin on a cellular level. Understanding the revolutionary benefit that plant stem cells can offer the skin, Anna’s formulas deliver plant stem cell extracts via liposome, a sphere with a phospholipid layer, (most often made from lecithin) that contains the extract and can be safely and effectively delivered to the cells. Fitglow formulas go beyond the topical benefits to deliver stable and effective nutrients to the cells, which Anna calls “speaking the skin’s language”.    


As natural beauty continues to lead the industry, we will undoubtedly see additional research on plant stem cell biotechnology and its effect on human skin. Of course, ancient herbal sciences such as Ayurveda and Oriental Chinese Medicine have used plants as their mainstay for treatment and for healing. In current times, for innovative cosmetic scientists, the goal is to connect the evidence from ancient practices to evidence in modern science and see where the application of plants in cosmetics can improve the delivery to the skin in a more effective, safer and targeted way. 


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