Out of Office: Summertime Self-Care

It’s summertime; school is out, travel is nigh, and routines are out of whack. We asked a few multi-tasking brand founders (who are momma’s too!) how they juggle summertime self-care, childcare, and schedules without losing their cool.

Tanja Gruber, Co-Founder Max and Me (mom of 4)

Momma of four and founder of Max and Me, Tanja Gruber shares her summertime skin routine.

The Max and Me family is not just our tight-knit team; our kids are also a huge part of it. We couldn’t do it without their support, patience and generosity in giving us the freedom of time for Max and Me. Summertime calls for nine weeks of extra bonding, snuggling, creative play, travels, excursions, adventures, and spending extra quality time together. I have to be intentional of my time management and mindfully balance the roles of mom and brand founder. Here are the ways we practice self-care together:

  • As a family we found great solutions to this, which are rooted in self-care and beauty rituals at the bookends, leaving us deeply fulfilled, nurtured and nourished each day.

  • We take great joy in cooking a fresh, organic breakfast and dinner together with the kids each and every day, setting our phones aside and being fully present with each other.

  • Being yourself in your best possible way and taking the time to elevate the conversation within and amongst each other is self-care as it uplifts your spirits.

  • We also practice self-care by finding what we really love and then doing it. Our kids take great pride in dipping their toes into Max and Me and helping in the manufactory. Tim loves folding boxes, Cameo enjoys filing treats into the shelves, and Ben brings online orders to the post. Each of my kids are aware of the importance of their support and care for Max and Me, and they leave proud of their contributions (and me extremely happy to have such sweet helping hands to speed things up). Morning and evening, we all meet for beauty rituals. Self-care done together is magic, it’s such a special, intimate time, especially now that they are all teenagers. No matter what their challenges are, they seek solace and comfort in our collection, in the rituals and fill themselves with goodness. As I do, too.

  • When it gets overwhelming, between kids, summer, and work, I take a moment at the end of the day to take in a few breaths to myself and meditate on the gratitude I have for time for self-care for myself. I will cleanse with our mask & wash, add a touch of lightness and vibrancy with I am the light and add relief with our rescue balm.  I invite you to do so, too.

Dr. Sarah Villafranco, Osmia

Momma of two girls and founder of Osmia, Dr. Sarah Villafranco shares her summertime self-care routine.


Summer is one of my favorite times to have spa days with my girls. Their schedules are slightly less bananas than during the school year, so we can actually take time to talk and pamper ourselves. With all the outdoor activities and sunscreen application, we find our skin craving a weekly detox, and our chocolatey Detox Mask is up to the task. I love the fact that they’re learning about healthy, organic skincare while laughing and enjoying some treasured girl time – it’s my version of slipping spinach in their smoothies.

Kapua Browning, Honua Skincare

Momma of four and founder of Honua Skincare, Kapua Browning shares her summertime skin routine.

Pair Honua’s new summer launches with my four kids being out of school, and you have one busy momma! Running a business can be very time-consuming and pretty stressful, so self-care is a must. However, self-care doesn’t always mean solo self-care… a lot of my self-care is done with my children. Here’s how:

  • While this might not sound like self-care, I love playing with my kids. Playtime is where I am able to connect with them, and it makes me feel young and happy.

  • I love masking and doing skincare rituals with my children, even Micah my 13-year-old son masks with us.

  • I need to be out in nature daily, whether it’s a hike, a walk or a bike ride… this time outdoors with nature are all great self-care activities that I love to do with my children.

  • Letting loose, playing music and dancing around the house with my kids makes cooking, working and cleaning SO MUCH BETTER!

  • I create time for myself in the morning and before bed. I wake up early and have my coffee or tea outside on our patio, while I meditate and prepare for the busy day ahead. I’ll sometimes close the evening with a warm bath and my own facial routine, or a glass of wine and a good book.

Katharine L’Heureux, Founder, Kahina Giving Beauty (mom of 3)

Momma of three and founder of Kahina Giving Beauty, Katharine L’Heureux shares her summertime skin routine.

Spending time with my family when the kids are on summer vacation is the best self-care there is! The stress levels are way down and we all get to spend more time outdoors, which balances me physically and mentally.  Still, with the constant meal prepping and cleanup that goes along with them being home, it is important for me to carve some time out for myself. Showers (outdoors preferably) using our Beldi Soap and exfoliating mitt feels like a mini-spa escape.

Yael Alkalay, Founder, Red Flower

Momma of one and founder of Red Flower, Yael Alkalay shares her summertime skin routine.

Summer is my favorite time of year. I get to be more focused on family and the abundance of nature near the ocean where I grew up. We have so many special things that are part of our summer story, but the most purposeful to share is the simplest. My daughter is very fair-skinned, and my efforts to protect her skin sometimes fall short. When she catches the heat of a sunburn on her skin, we do a wonderfully curative three-step ritual of a: cooling shower, red flower lymphatic phytopower sea cleanser, and masque over it with a container of whole plain organic yogurt. I spritz a little Red Flower over her and let it sit until it’s dry. After the masque dries, she enters into a cool bath, gently rinses off and we slather her in Red Flower Ocean lotion or Red Flower Arctic Cloud Cream. The combination of the Red Flower lymphatic phytopower masque and yogurt absorb all the heat from the skin and restore hydration. The naturally occurring lactic acid mildly exfoliates the skin, leaving it cool, healed and soft. Even with no sunburn, this is our most restorative summer skin care ritual. I love seeing the immediate benefits; I of course learned this all from my mom. There’s nothing like a multi-generational ritual.

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