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Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’ve dreamt of bringing Max and Me’s Sweet Serenity Mask & Wash to our Beauty Heroes members for over two years; this product is truly scintillating. Easier said than done, though. The complex yet exquisite product blend is made with carefully-sourced, quality ingredients from small producers, and is hand-crafted by Tanja in the Max and Me ‘manufactory’ in Vienna, Austria. So much intention and time goes into making it. Specially-made for Beauty Heroes, this month’s Beauty Discovery has been a collaboration over a year in the making. Tanja and Max mindfully connected with each ingredient supplier to source all the materials needed for this Discovery to be brought to life—raw Manuka honey from their dedicated apiary in New Zealand, organic cacao from Bali, mangosteen from Thailand, helichrysum from Corsica and so much more. After confirming that all of the beautiful ingredients could be sourced, we agreed that December would be the perfect month to deliver this to you. The texture is incredibly luxurious, velvet to the touch, and the scent is uplifting and uniquely its own—with blends of honey, cherry seed, gardenia, neroli, cacao, geranium, pomegranate and mangosteen—like magic to the senses; amazing how nature can do that. And the results! This treatment can benefit all skin types; your skin will look and feel calmer, brighter and clearer when you add this into your daily routine. You’ll want to apply this product daily, so let its vibration speak to you to elevate your skin to a higher level.

Paired with The Intuitive, max and me’s newly launched floral mist, as this month’s Sidekick, making this month’s Discovery one of our most anticipated. A while ago, Tanja had asked for product suggestions, I immediately told her I wanted a floral mist to pair with the beautiful face oils and exquisite Sweet Serenity Balm. I’m ecstatic to bring The Intuitive to the Beauty Store and pair it with this month’s Hero. Palo santo and helichrysum work together with calming yarrow, blue tansy and wild agonis—a new ingredient to me and a soft cousin to tea tree—to balance circadian rhythms for a cool, calming affect on the skin. You’ll find yourself misting it generously across your face and skin for a refreshing and uplifting treatment throughout the day.

You know the products that you didn’t even know you needed until after discovery? Mask & Wash and The Intuitive are it. My hope is that you will have the same experience with these products as I did when I first discovered them. I’ve loved introducing Max and Tanja to you over the past two years, first through our video series about my first Hero product, Circle of Protection Body Oil. And again in our Master Class series as Max and Tanja taught us what ‘high vibration beauty’ means. I hope, now, you enjoy as we go deeper and take you behind the scenes of the process and production for this month’s Hero and Sidekick.

We have been long-awaiting a new product from max and me, and we are honored that you chose to launch it at Beauty Heroes. How long did it take you to formulate The Intuitive Floral Water? The blend includes highly-vibrant palo santo, helichrysum and wild agonis, among many other scintillating botanicals. What are the specific benefits of these ingredients both on the skin and the subtle energy? 

Ever since we launched our max and me collection, I longed to formulate a flower water—this was a vision I always carried in my heart and in my soul. I am so in love with hydrosols, they are such gentle and tender healers on so many levels. This spring, I started to tap into the richness of all I had envisioned for this botanical mist, and I just knew how I wanted it to be. That’s when The Intuitive was born. What initially sparked The Intuitive was palo santo, an outstanding essential oil and hydrosol that has deep spiritual meaning, strong protective forces and great energetic powers in addition to its incredible skin-healing properties. Its sacred character, ability to support heightened energy in the body, soul and spirit, deeply resonates with our high-vibe philosophy. Speaking to the potency of our treats also means sharing the ethical methodology behind the sourcing of our treasured ingredients. Revering indigenous healers, organic, multi-generational farms and inspiring ingredient we source from growers that are passionate, dedicated and holistic. The vibrancy of an ingredient is nurtured by the subtle energies of the surroundings and most importantly by the practices of people who harvest each ingredient. It’s our privilege to work with such incredible humans around the world who trust us with the continued life cycle of their sacred plants. We have the honor of working with a tree whisperer who lives in the Parque Nacional Machalilla in Ecuador. Our treasured distiller has been involved in the careful ecological harvesting of deadwood in this park for years. He has also done extensive research into the cultivation of Palo Santo trees and works relentlessly to protect these gems. By sourcing from him, we are directly supporting the reforestation and preservation of this precious tree. If you want to experience the incredible healing, protecting and purifying potency of Palo Santo, simply enjoy a spritz of our botanical facial mist The Intuitive.

Another incredibly beautiful and exquisite ingredient of The Intuitive is wild agonis. Ever since I first laid my hands on this rare, clarifying essential oil, I was captivated. I fell in love with its lovely blend of purifying freshness and comforting softness, with its deeply regulating and balancing powers on skin, soul & spirit. Wild agonis also benefits our natural rhythms: sleep, circadian, hormone cycles, and helps ease traveling stress. This beauty goes even further with a deep effect on consciousness, brightening your outlook on life, easing the stress of transitional times, releasing patterns and blockages. Energetically, wild agonis supports and enforces Palo Santo so beautifully in clearing the atmosphere and balancing emotions. Helichrysum italicum is another one of my favorite essential oils—it just wanted to be added to The Intuitive’s bouquet.

We came across helichrysum italicum three years ago on a family summer holiday on the Island of Corsica and were fascinated by it ever since. With more than 600 species and sub-species, helichrysum bears a secret: there is an extremely rare species on the island of Corsica which far exceeds the healing talents of all the others, and which is unique in this world, acknowledged for its special powers.

After discovering the island’s mountainous areas where Helichrysum grows wild, softly dancing in the breeze, we finally found our distillery: a family owned business—small, dedicated and deeply connected with the plants. Standing next to the extraordinary head distiller, watching as miracles unfolded, we knew, we had found our treasure. We were instantly falling for the beautifully high-vibration and the rich, herbaceous, wildflower, honey-like bouquet of this exceptionally beautiful Helichrysum.

Unbelievably rich in active ingredients, helichrysum italicum works magically with its unparalleled ability to bring peace to troubled complexions—acting on a cellular, biochemical, emotional and energetic level—relieving any form of inflammation (psoriasis, rosacea, acne) and troubled condition (rashes, sunburn, scarring, traumatized skin) while also stimulating collagen production. On a subtle level, helichrysum italicum tenderly touches your soul and spirit by bringing about emotional balance.

Mask & Wash is crafted by hand in very small batches in your studio in Vienna, Austria. You’ve said that Mask & Wash can’t be made in a lab, or in large batches.  Why is that?  

At the heart of max and me there is energy work married with wildly luxurious skincare, culminating in our artisan, heartfelt, intentional, production process. It is almost a ritual. Everyone on our team is energetically trained and embraces production as something sacred. Each jar filled with Mask & Wash is an extension of our philosophy, of vibrations held very high. Only people trained by us can join us in this, so a lab is never an option for us. Our holistic, intentional, high-vibe approach starts with sourcing, leads right into our graden studio and culminates into production. Each and every member of the max and me family, each tool, each piece of the furniture, everything has been selected according to its energy. This is a most sensitive process and allows us to do the beautiful, light-filled work we do. We produce in batches small enough to allow all the love, the light and the healing intention we can muster to flow into our treats.

Raw Manuka Honey, sourced from a responsible apiary in New Zealand is the most precious ingredient in Sweet Serenity Mask & Wash. What makes Manuka honey different from any other honey. What are its special qualities? 

Yes, it is indeed a really special ingredient of Mask & Wash, Raw Manuka Honey – packed with vitamins and live enzymes – Manuka honey tops other raw honeys by large in its antimicrobial abilities, its potency against inflammation, its antioxidant powers, its ability to fade scars and redness, speed up wound healing and tissue healing as well as acting as a beautiful humectant. It also has been studied for its ability to promote the development of new collagen in skin cells. Manuka fosters skin regeneration, repairs cellular damage and helps so much with acne & inflammation and any other troubled skin condition. To happy, healthy skin it imparts a wonderful glow and feeds deep hydration back in.It is the active ingredient Methylglyoxal that gifts Manuka Honey with these higher therapeutic properties and such healing potency.

What are the results that you hear most often from people who use Mask and Wash regularly?  

We see consistent positive results with those suffering from acne or any other types of skin inflammation. We also often hear raves about how mask&wash reduces redness, heals traumatized skin, lessens scarring and encourages wound and tissue healing.

We get loving notes about the glow getting talents of Mask & Wash and also about its brightening powers, evening out skin tone with its enzymes, lightening scars and age spots. People love how Mask & Wash acts as a natural humectant, drawing moisture into the skin for a dewy, radiant complexion. This hydration helps to further enhance skin’s elasticity and promotes cell regeneration.Also we hear back from people how Mask & Wash makes them feel stronger, more centered, more balanced.

Mask & Wash was awarded twice: as best mask in show at IBE LA in 2017 L.A. and as the editor’s choice in the beauty shortlist awards in London this year. Yet its inclusion in the most vulnerable parts of people’s skin stories and their healing journeys will always be the most beautiful accolades for Mask & Wash, ever.

We have featured Max and Me’s Circle of Protection last year as our Hero product.  And this year we are featuring Sweet Serenity Mask & Wash and The Intuitive as our Hero and Sidekick.  What is another Max and Me product that you wish everyone in the world would fall in love with?  

Shortly before talking with you Jeannie, I was in the studio making yet another batch of rescue balm, which I love to name my skin savior and soul whisperer. When scooping my spatula in this creamy vanilla sorbet-colored healing treat I thought that I would want everyone to be held and cradled by it, to be strengthened and truly centered by this gentle yet so potent healer. Rescue balm is your best friend in times of trouble, it imparts a big calm, sweet solace, a sigh of relief. And it is gentle enough to also be applied to kids’ ouchies. As a mom of three, this has a permanent spot in all my handbags and on my nightstand.

What’s next for Max and Me? Will you be adding more products to your collection?  
Ah yes, formulating is what makes my heart sing, so there is more to come. However, I can’t give anything away yet, as I am still toying with formulas. But the playground is open and I am buzzing with ideas.


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