Blüh Alchemy: The Blühprint for Optimal Skin Health

It’s a Heroic story, a little beauty brand that delivers big results. This is the tale of Blüh Alchemy.

I first heard of this innovative brand from a trusted friend. A beauty veteran herself, she was impressed by the cellular extracted, exotic botanicals and the remarkable results on her skin. When the Founder of Blüh Alchemy, Becky Blüh, attended the Beauty Heroes Master Class last March, I connected the dots. Standing in front of me was a warm, engaged and passionate founder who knew she had developed something special, but the world didn’t know it yet.

Intrigued by her contagious passion, I took a closer look at the line. It was clear she had sourced exceptional and rare ingredients…but how did they work synergistically on the skin. I was eager to find out. I chose a few products to test that piqued my interest and in a few weeks I knew I had Hero in my hands. My skin was loving this line! I was noticing visible improvements in tone and texture, and the ingredient profiles of the formulas were so sophisticated. I was baffled…how had I not tried this line before now?

I was growing increasingly excited to launch Blüh Alchemy to a larger audience. But when?? Becky, a meticulous formulator, was undergoing a complete brand refresh, including new bottles and branding, so we decided to introduce her Hero products when the transition was complete. I’ve been biting my nails in anticipation!

The time is finally here! This month’s Blüh Alchemy Beauty Discovery introduces my Hero vitamin C serum, Multi C Serum. I have loved vitamin C for it’s brightening and protecting qualities for ages, but always found the application a challenge, and never really loved the smell. Alas, a stable vitamin C serum that feels as good as it smells going on – and delivers results. With vitamin C from Kakadu plum, quandong, Davidson plum and sea buckthorn paired with crown of gold with a cellular extracted ferulic acid. These antioxidants, plus the addition off energizing coffee bean and got kola, and beta glucans from mushrooms, peptides and MSM make it a totally unique, robust formula that is easy to apply consistently, every day, so you can get the benefits from consistent Vitamin C vitamin delivery.

And, I challenge you to make this month’s Sidekick last in your beauty cabinet for a month. This Toning Elixir felt so good on my skin, helping feel calm, soothed and primed, I just couldn’t get enough. It contains the extract of finger lime caviar that also contains vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids that combined with hibiscus (known as botanical botox), and mountain pepper leaf that together left my skin feeling and looking firmer and brighter. Together, they are a true one-two punch for healthy, smooth looking skin.

Becky and I have spoken extensively about each product, the ingredients and their benefits and I learn something new each time we speak. It makes me giddy with excitement to introduce you to this firecracker! She’s brilliant, kind and her enthusiasm for her work is contagious. Meet Becky.

The launch of Blüh Alchemy in this month’s discovery marks our first collaboration, and the big reveal of your new packaging. We think this is such a special and effective line. What do you want the Beauty Heroes Tribe to know about Blüh Alchemy?

First and foremost, we’re so excited to share Blüh Alchemy with the amazing Beauty Heroes tribe and truly honored to have this opportunity to partner with Beauty Heroes as we share your passion for clean, ethically sourced skincare.
As a plant-based skin care line, we’re guided by a philosophy that nature’s lush bounty has encapsulated within it the blueprint to create superior skin care formulas that work synergistically to nourish, regenerate and protect your skin. Our commitment to discover and methodically research the most innovative and effective alternatives to the toxic chemicals found in conventional skin care lead us to the world’s first cellular extracted, wild harvested botanicals from Australia. Unachieved before, this cutting-edge extraction process works to rapidly harness a plant’s complete phyto- active profile, pure, stable and unadulterated as it exists in nature. This allows the full power of the plants actives to be delivered to your skin. Cellular extraction is a game changer, accessing potent antioxidants from sources once thought impervious that far exceed industry benchmarks and ORAC values, as evidenced by the extensive research and analysis. Cellular extraction redefines what can be achieved with natural ingredients and revolutionizes plant-based formulation, fulfilling Blüh Alachemy’s mission to deliver the most Advanced Bioactive Solutions. We’re delighted to be among a small and select number of companies in the world using these extraordinary botanical extracts and honored to be sharing them with you.

Your formulations feature several rare ingredients that even our most devout healthy beauty-lovers have probably never heard of, including kangaroo paw, crown of gold, quandong and finger lime caviar. What inspired you to seek out such unique ingredients?

Australia’s geographic isolation over millions of years has resulted in their rich and unique flora. Nearly 80% of their botanical species are found only on the Australian continent. These plants have developed extraordinary traits that allowed them to evolve and thrive under the most extreme conditions. It’s believed that these plants developed powerful constituents which include extremely high levels of antioxidants which helps to protect them from oxidative stress. It’s through the ground breaking technology of Cellular extraction that we can now fully harness the unparalleled levels of antioxidants and nutrient dense bioactives which are at the core of all our formulas.

You named your brand Blüh Alchemy, and true to your name, one of the most impressive features is how potent and powerful your ingredient synergies are. What is your process for deciding which ingredients to blend together, and what primary result are you aiming to achieve in your formulations?

My primary goal in developing a formula is to promote the optimal health of your skin. I then choose ingredients that address specific skin concerns. For our hero product Multi C Serum, my aim was to target hyperpigmentation, hydration, skin tone and overall protection. I chose Kangaroo Paw Flower for its rich source of ferulic acid which improves the stability of vitamin C, offers photo-protective benefits and boosts hydration by reducing transepidermal water loss. Quandong is a rich source of rutin which strengthens capillaries and works synergistically with vitamin C, intensifying its ability to reduce oxidative stress. Quandong is also a potent source of phenolic acid which has antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti- inflammatory properties, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Kakadu plum offers the highest known source of stable, bioavailable vitamin C which activates collagen production and brightens skin tone.

For the Toning Elixir I chose Finger Lime Caviar and MSM for their ability to enhance the absorption of vital actives, improving the overall performance of the formula. Mountain Pepper Leaf is a powerhouse antioxidant setting new benchmarks on the global ORAC (world antioxidant rating) as the highest antioxidant currently achieved, outperforming popular antioxidant sources by 5 –100 times. It’s loaded with powerful actives including anthocyanin, chlorogenic acid and flavone glycosides. Hibiscus, known as the “Botox plant” and hyaluronic acid boost hydration and plump the skin. Snowflower is rich in catechins and gallic acid and acts as a photo-protective agent, with powerful UV absorbing properties.

In our Hero product, Multi C Serum, you blend several sources of vitamin C. Can you explain why it is optimal to blend multiple sources, and how your serum delivers a stable for of vitamin C?

Multiple sources of vitamin C offer maximum protection against free radical damage which is one of the primary causes of pre-maturely aging skin. As a result of a cutting-edge extraction process, Kakadu plum cellular extract delivers the world’s highest known source of stable vitamin C in an aqueous format. Vitamin C ester is considered fat soluble and can penetrate the skin more deeply, while possessing a superior ability to stimulate fibroblasts that help produce collagen and elastin. From the highly pigmented oils of sea buckthorn and rosehip it’s clear to see they contain high levels of vitamins which include A, C, E and offer a rich source of omegas, essential fatty acids and beta-carotene. Together these multiple forms of vitamin C work synergistically to deliver an unparalleled level of protection for your skin.

As you well know vitamin C is an unstable molecule which oxidizes when exposed to air, heat and light rendering it ineffective. Some brands have taken measures to counteract this problem by offering Vitamin C boosters in the form of powders. They’re designed to be added to a serum, lotion or water which activates the vitamin C. Blüh Alchemy’s Muti C Serum saves you the extra step of mixing two products to ensure stability, as it contains the world’s highest known source of stable, bio-available vitamin C from wild harvested, Cellular Extracted Kakadu Plum. This cutting edge extraction process represents a world breakthrough in the beauty industry. Cellular Extraction employs biomimicry to create the first full phyto-active compound of a plant as it exists in nature. The extraction process uses proprietary technology to rapidly harness the cell wall without damaging the plant’s biomatrix delivering the full plant profile, stable and active for well over 12 months as evidenced by extensive research. Multi C Serum also includes Cellular Extracted Kangaroo Paw Flower which contains a rich source of ferulic acid and vitamin E that work synergistically to enhance the stability and efficacy of vitamin C, supercharging its ability to protect your skin from free radical damage while diminishing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

What is the optimal way we should be using vitamin C on the skin? Does it make a difference if we use it morning or night?

Vitamin C can be used night and day. For day time use, apply to skin after cleansing and toning and follow with an SPF. Using a vitamin C serum during the day provides an extra layer of protection from free radical and UV damage. During the night your skin undergoes a repairing process which can be enhanced by the vitamin C, especially if applied after exfoliating which enhances its absorption.

What are the most common results you most often hear your customers experience after using your line?

One of the most common and rewarding things I hear from customers is how quickly they see results in the form of improved skin tone and a luminous glow. I hear a lot of comments about the potency of the actives and an appreciation for the quality of the products. People also often mention the aroma and its mood elevating benefits.

Blüh Alchemy is an edited line – which I love – currently featuring six individual products. What’s next for you? Do you plan to add more products to your range?

Absolutely…in fact I’m currently in the process testing some exceptional ingredients for a mask and I’m super excited about the results.


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