The Road To Innovation: The Making of Hydration Boost Concentrate

I believe the measure of a values-based entrepreneur is what he’s willing to sacrifice in the name of integrity. By this definition, Josh Rosebrook is a leader among his peers. While I’ve always known that integrity is the cornerstone of his namesake brand, his latest endeavor is further proof of his impeccably high standards and commitment to true innovation.   

First, it must be said that in the world of beauty, there are trend followers and trendsetters. Josh falls into the latter category, driving innovation with every product launch. As part of his process, he painstakingly hunts botanical ingredients, works diligently on sustainable sourcing, tests plants for purity, and then sits down to formulate. He tinkers and tests his formulas on his own skin incessantly until it’s perfect. Then, he brings in the team to scale it into a stable, salable product. It’s an extremely personal process that takes time. And sometimes, it takes longer than expected.

Josh had been working on his latest Hero product, Hydration Boost Concentrate, for years. He had an internal deadline, and they were tracking towards it. But then, in testing, he sensed it wasn’t meeting his highest expectations. Was it effective and luxurious? Sure. But he held a vision for what was possible, and he knew he hadn’t achieved it. And so, he made the difficult decision to delay the launch until the formula in front of him matched the ideal in his head. Not an easy decision for a Founder to make. Though it was difficult, in true Josh fashion, he took something positive away from the experience. He shared how much he had learned from the process of acceptance, letting go and trusting his instincts. Despite his disappointment and unexpected shift in business strategy, Josh was at peace with the fact that Hydration Boost Concentrate would not launch in 2018. 

The story has a happy ending. Today is the day we finally celebrate the success of Josh Rosebrook’s highly anticipated Hydration Boost Concentrate. If it isn’t the biggest launch in green beauty this year, I don’t know what is. 

I like to refer to it as The Ultimate J-Glow. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a product absorb into skin quite like this one. It’s as if skin transforms into a sponge, and plumps up with just 2-3 drops of this viscous, aloe and glycerin-based serum with a high concentration of moisture-retaining senna seed extract. Oil and essential oil-free, this Hero product is a hydration booster that is appropriate for almost every skin type. I say almost, because nothing works for 100% of all us, but Hydration Boost Concentrate is as close as you’ll come to a product that is appropriate for all skin types. Nonetheless, Josh will tell you himself that this is an extra product and an extra step in your skincare routine that isn’t necessary but will support healthy, hydrated skin. If you are one of those people who feels like your skin is always dry and can’t get enough moisture, then this product will undoubtedly become your new can’t-live-without luxury. 

This month, we paired this new launch of Hydration Boost Concentrate with Josh’s Hydrating Accelerator and Vital Balm Cream. We believe it’s the perfect trifecta for impossibly glowing skin. In our DIY Ritual, we pair this month’s heavy-hitting Hero and Sidekicks with other collagen-boosting plant-based products from his range. We invite you to try this or experiment with other beauty must-haves from the Beauty Store to customize your own ritual. 

Here’s just one way to play:


Complete Moisture Cleanse onto slightly wet finger tips and massage onto skin to remove makeup. Mist Hydrating Accelerator on top of cleanser, and remove with a warm washcloth. Repeat for a second cleanse if needed.


skin by applying a thin layer of Active Enzyme Exfoliator to face and chest area. Let it activate on the skin for 30 minutes or longer. Remove by adding water, gently massaging and rinsing. 


cleansed skin with Hydrating Accelerator and allow it to soak in for 2-3 minutes. 


a medium thick layer of Cacao Antioxidant Mask on face and neck. Allow mask do its thing… after 30 minutes it will harden and dry. Remove with a wet, warm cloth. 


with Hydrating Accelerator before adding 2-3 drops of Hydration Boost Concentrate to fingertips. A little goes a long way, so don’t over-use this ultra-concentrated Hero product. 


with a pea size layer of Vital Balm Cream. Let this final step soak in, leaving skin looking even and glowing.


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