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We Define Healthy Beauty

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Wonder Valley Two Deserts Soap
Wonder Valley

Plant-based soap from the High Desert made with Wonder Valley Olive Oil. Highly moisturizing with an intoxicating scent of juniper, sage, vetiver, galbanum, eucalyptus, cardamom and smoke.

$18 USD

Blissoma Photonic

The ultimate mineral facial sunscreen. Photonic provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection plus a dense load of phytonutrients so time in the sun is good for you.

$52 USD


Nopalera was founded to elevate and celebrate Latinx culture with products inspired by the beauty and richness of Mexico. Their signature cactus soaps are handmade with plant butters and oils.

$14 USD

Le Prunier – The Benefits of Plum Seed Oil

Le Prunier, “the plum tree,” in French; it is an elegant name whose melodious ring is substantiated by the far-reaching, holistic benefits offered by the product that bears the same name. The name may be recognizable to some of you as a revolutionary beauty oil that makes artful use of a 100% pure, California plum …

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A collection of hair loss support products available at Beauty Heroes

Hair Today. Hair Tomorrow.

Thick and shiny. Bouncy, wavy. Long and healthy. Silky smooth. Attaining enviable hair is such a part of our culture’s beauty narrative, they even made a sixties rock musical about it. But enter stress, hormones, aging, a pandemic, and that hair down-to-there turns out to be thin, prone-to-breakage, I-hate-my-hair hair. Hair loss in women is …

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Mukti Products

Mukti Organics X Factor

Since our launch last year, Mukti Organics has quickly emerged as one of our most trusted brands for holistic skincare that achieves results. Part organic botanicals, native Australian extracts and well-researched actives, Mukti’s formulas seem to strike the perfect balance of green beauty paired with peptides, retinol, niacinamide and Vitamin C in all the right …

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Zero Waste Personal Care Products

Solid For Good

If you’ve been following along with Beauty Heroes, you’ve noticed we’ve been continually growing our zero waste personal care category online and in our Northern California store. These are the most exciting products for me to discover right now for several reasons. Professionally and personally, I love the joy of finding a product that really …

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Beauty Heroes Novato Store

Beauty Heroes

Beauty Heroes Flagship Beauty Store is a discovery-based shopping destination offering a fresh and thrilling take on healthy beauty and well-being. Visit us IRL at our Northern California store.

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We Define
Healthy Beauty

Our founder Jeannie cared about ingredients before ‘clean beauty’ and ‘green beauty’ was a thing. She prefers the term healthy beauty, defined as predominantly organic skincare, haircare bodycare and makeup that is cruelty-free, good for our bodies and safe for the environment. This means that we go beyond most clean beauty standards, excluding ingredients that are toxic to humans, requiring that they are completely biodegradable, so they won’t harm animals or pollute our fresh water or oceans.

The complexity of navigating cosmetic ingredients to this level fueled Jeannie’s passion to make it simple to discover healthy beauty through our monthly subscription, our online store and our flagship store. By working with brands with an unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing, sustainability, purity and quality, Jeannie has become the industry standard bearer on ingredient integrity, establishing Beauty Heroes as the most trusted source for healthy beauty.

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