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Beauty Heroes Black Friday Event
Beauty Heroes Black Friday Event


Bathing Culture Outerbeing Body Oil
Bathing Culture

Provides a reprieve from the harsh elements of the salty Pacific and windy Sierra peaks, this splurge-worthy body oil uses powerful plants that provide skin-nourishing vitamins, essential fatty acids & antioxidants to restore & repair.

$82 USD

Ayuna Terra Viva

The ultimate splurge-worthy gift, Ayuna's Terra Viva is a lightweight, bioactive hydrating cream-serum or 'nectar' that combines organic actives with molecularly precise biotech to harness the full power of nature.

$455 USD

Natureofthings Restorative Floral Bath

This splurge-worthy aromatic soak, feature florals to intoxicate the senses while gemstone extracts revitalize and energize. Plumeria, jasmine and vetiver create a heady bouquet while shea butter and green tea surround the skin.

$150 USD

Khus+Khus Products

Beauty From the Outside In

From the earliest of times, people have taken pleasure in rubbing fragrant substances into their skin. Scent was a powerful force in ritual, medicine, mythology, even conquest. In modern times, Khus+Khus combines the powers of scent with sophisticated plant-based compounds and Ayurvedic herbs to build modern herbal fusions–creating products that work from the outside in …

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Alpyn Beauty

Into The Wild: Alpyn Beauty

Introducing Alpyn Beauty, a brand that embraces the unique qualities of wildcrafted botanical ingredients. The term ‘wildcrafted’ sounds earthy and natural, sure, but sourcing ingredients from the wild is a specialized practice, and one that’s been embraced and perfected by Alpyn Beauty. Not your typical wildcrafting, green beauty formulator, native Manhattanite and Founder of Alpyn …

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Krupa Koestline

Blue Beauty: The Invisible Ingredient Issue

At Beauty Heroes, we want to make sure that the ingredients in our products are all good for you as well as safe for the environment. You may not have fully considered it, but ingredients don’t only go on our skin, they wash down the drain, and in many cases enter our ecosystems. When ingredients …

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From The Tropics With Love!

Named after her great grandmother who ran the first apothecary in Cali, Columbia, Giovanna Campagna created Joaquina Botánica as a tribute to the natural beauty and self-care rituals of Latin American women. Joaquina Botánica embraces the vibrant, energetic vibe of the tropics, marrying exotic, natural botanicals with clinical actives to illuminate skin’s natural radiance. Nutrient-dense …

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Beauty Heroes Novato Store

Beauty Heroes

Beauty Heroes Flagship Beauty Store is a discovery-based shopping destination offering a fresh and thrilling take on healthy beauty and well-being. Visit us IRL at our Northern California store.

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We Define
Healthy Beauty

Our founder Jeannie cared about ingredients before ‘clean beauty’ and ‘green beauty’ was a thing. She prefers the term healthy beauty, defined as predominantly organic skincare, haircare bodycare and makeup that is cruelty-free, good for our bodies and safe for the environment. This means that we go beyond most clean beauty standards, excluding ingredients that are toxic to humans, requiring that they are completely biodegradable, so they won’t harm animals or pollute our fresh water or oceans.

The complexity of navigating cosmetic ingredients to this level fueled Jeannie’s passion to make it simple to discover healthy beauty through our monthly subscription, our online store and our flagship store. By working with brands with an unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing, sustainability, purity and quality, Jeannie has become the industry standard bearer on ingredient integrity, establishing Beauty Heroes as the most trusted source for healthy beauty.

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